Princess Beatrice & Eugenie – butterflies caught in a complex family net

Princess BeatricePrincess Eugenie


Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s daughters Beatrice and Eugenie are seen regularly at Royal events beside grandma, at charity and fashion events, and especially Beatrice, on frequent holidays. They are both registered as being in full time employment – Eugenie with an art dealer and Beatrice with a New York investment firm. But they clearly don’t work as most of the rest of us understand it. Maybe they just have more understanding bosses. Both appear to have long term boyfriends but with no wedding plans yet in view.

Beatrice, 8 Aug 1988 8.18pm London, has a 7th house Leo Sun Mercury square a 9th house Pluto and trine Mars in Aries. Her Mars in Aries in the 2nd is square a 5th house Venus Moon in Cancer opposition Neptune in Capricorn.  She’s quite a mix of dependent and submissive as well as feisty with that focal point Cardinal Mars making her impulsive especially where money is concerned, though one suspects more spending than earning it.

A 5th house Moon should make her fond of children and fertile – unless the childhood family get in the way which with a Neptune opposition and Mars square might well be the case.  I’ve always thought a 5th house Moon took their nurturing from children though it could also be from parties and pleasure. Eugenie and indeed Sarah Ferguson all have 5th house Moons, so there could be a sense of the children being the nurturers of mother. Which thought is also supported by a Moon opposition Neptune.

Beatrice does have tr Saturn moving through her upper quadrant for several years which could suggest heavier responsibilities at work, though sometimes individuals duck out of their Saturnine obligations until the first Saturn Return which in her case happens in 2017. There’s not much indication of a glorious romantic wedding anytime soon. Perhaps when her Progressed Moon moves across her Descendant in two plus years time.

Eugenie, 23 March 1990 6.58pm London, has a hard-working 6th house Aries Sun Mercury; with a 5th house Aquarius Moon Venus square Pluto in the 2nd.  Moon Venus can be tricky since it suggests the relationship with mother is a seductive one which doesn’t allow the child to be a child. She’s also got a tricky 4th house with Neptune Saturn in Capricorn and Mars in Aquarius. Since she was the younger, she presumably arrived when the marriage was in difficulties with more strain at home.

She’ll be fairly compulsive about money, spending it and wanting control, partly a legacy from her irresponsible mother. Again there’s nothing much to suggest a wedding soon.  Indeed she’s coping with strained family issues for several years ahead which may divert her attention from herself. With tr Uranus moving through her 7th now she’ll want more freedom, not less, for several years ahead.

Really they’d both need to cut the ties that bind them to their parents but in their position that’s not possible. Maybe they’ll get their acts together in their 30s, or more likely in Beatrice’s case with a Sun square Pluto in her forties.

Both have Mars Pluto aspects which will give them a degree of frustration about not being able to plough their own furrow.


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  1. Both have Mars Pluto aspects which will give them a degree of frustration about not being able to plough their own furrow. – I like that description! I have this, and it feels exactly like this, which is hugely frustrating!

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