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Princess Alexandra, first cousin of the Queen is 80 tomorrow, and still working hard at her charity duties. Despite scandals over the years, she has always maintained a dignified front and the Queen’s friendship. Her father, Prince George, Duke of Kent, was a flagrant libertine, unfussed whether his conquests were male or male. When he was killed in a plane crash in 1942 it left the family in relative poverty. Her mother Princess Marina was half Russian, half-Greek. So she comes from stalwart Royal stock.

Born 25 December 1936 11.20am Princess Alexandra has a suitably regal Sun Jupiter in Capricorn in her 10th, so designed for duty and social status. Though her Sun Jupiter are trine Uranus, so she will be less conventional than her cool, defensive Saturn on her Pisces Ascendant lets on. Her Saturn opposes a 7th house Neptune squaring onto her Sagittarius Midheaven and North Node, so she channelled her compassion (Sat Nep) into duty, and perhaps was less committed to her emotional relationships as a result. Neptune in the 7th is often inaccessible or vague about commitments.

One of the stories the Daily Mail dredged up today is of her daughter Marina, who in a fit of rebellion sold her story to a newspaper telling of her ‘snarling’ mother and drunken father. Alexandra will certainly have a temper with her Mercury opposition a 5th house Pluto square Mars in Libra – so when she blows a fuse it will get nasty. Pluto in the 5th suggests over-control where children are concerned with subsequent resentment.

She married Angus Ogilvy, a City financier who ran into trouble with a financial corruption scandal and had to resign. He was born 25 Dec 1936, and his Virgo New Moon, Venus, Mercury in Libra all fell in Alexandra’s 7th house, which is a good partnership match. Though rumours have always floated around about a long affair between Alexandra and Prince Philip (hotly denied, but amongst the aristo set anything is possible). Philip, 10 June 1921, has his Venus conjunct her Uranus and trine her Sun Jupiter so there certainly would be warm feelings. And the relationship chart has an affectionate composite Sun Venus trine Pluto which emphasises the point.

Her relationship to HM Queen has stayed strong from childhood onwards and there is also a friendly composite Sun Venus on their relationship chart. Though there is also a trickier composite Pluto opposition Saturn Jupiter square Uranus, so it would have its ups and downs and periods of strain.

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  1. In light of the comments which followed Prince Charles interview calling for tolerance and condemning prejudice I wonder how he will differ from the Queen as a monarch.Also how will the British people receive him?

  2. Dear Marjorie,
    Hat to mention it but the title of the TV series ‘To The Manor Born’ was a play on words. The correct phrase is ‘to the MANNER born’!

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