Princess Aiko – trapped by her royal birth



Princess Aiko, daughter of the heir to the Japanese Throne Prince Naruhito, is known as the princess who never smiles and is evidently off school with stress and anxiety. Her mother Princess Masako, withdrew from public life for a decade suffering from stress after criticism of her producing a female child. Only male heirs can succeed in Japan.

Princess Aiko born 12 December 2001 2.43pm Tokyo, does have a troubled chart with a trapped 8th house Sun Pluto Mercury in Sagittarius opposition Saturn Moon in Gemini, so very much tied into her mother’s depression and the suffocatingly restrictive atmosphere of her upbringing and ancestry. She also has an explosive, wants-to-be-free Uranus Mars in Aquarius square her Venus in Scorpio, but whether that is ever allowed an airing is questionable. Her Neptune in the 10th will make her caring; her 3rd house Jupiter is a good communicator. But she’s got a tough furrow to plough in life, there’s no doubt.

Her mother who was much travelled with a diplomat father and a keen sportswoman before her marriage was born 9 December 1963 and is also a Sun Sagittarius square Uranus Pluto and trine Jupiter in go-ahead Aries, so she’d find the closeted patriarchal Chrysanthemum Court very hard to take.

Prince Naruhito 23 Feb 1960 4.15pm Tokyo, has a dependent 7th house Sun Pisces opposition Pluto, trine/sextile Neptune – so does have his own crosses to bear in terms of being overly controlled; with a chilly Moon Saturn in Capricorn. He does have rebellious Uranus on his Ascendant but there’s no sign of that making much impact on his environment.

Who’d ever want to be a princess?

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