Prince Philip – high-octane and adaptable



Prince Philp, soon to be 96, is to stand down from his public duties in September.

Born 10 June 1921 9.46pm Corfu (or 10am) (DD astro com) is a feisty, argumentative Sun Mars in Gemini square Saturn in Virgo; with Saturn conjunct Jupiter which is in turn opposition Uranus; a Leo Moon and Neptune; and Venus in Taurus.

He had a difficult, wandered childhood, his father, Prince Andrew, having been exiled from Greece and he was schooled in Paris, Germany pre-war and then Gordonstoun in Scotland. His mother, a great grand-daughter of Queen Victoria was hospitalised with schizophrenia. He was in the British navy during World War 11 and married the then Princess Elizabeth in 1947.

There is certainly an affectionate and intellectual rapport between them with his Venus conjunct her 3rd house Taurus Sun; and his Sun Mars falling in the Queen’s 5th house of fun and children. Though not all easy with her Uranus square his Mars Sun; and his Uranus conjunct her Venus – so there would be outbursts, and long separations would undoubtedly help. Her chart is mainly Fixed while his is more adaptable and Mutable which would help, since he has had to fit in as and where he could.

Her Sun/Moon midpoint (the marriage significator) at 21 Gemini is conjunct his Sun Mars, so there would be an instant click. On a 9.46pm birth time his Sun/Moon midpoint sits exactly on her Descendant.

Their relationship chart does have an ‘unkind’, overly dutiful composite Saturn opposition Mars, which usually means one has to sacrifice their own needs for the other, which would grate at times. Their wedding chart of 20 Nov 1947 circa 11am echoes this time with a challenging Saturn Mars opposition Moon square Sun. So the seventy years ahead wouldn’t all be a picnic.

My recollection from Gunter Sachs study was that a Taurus/Gemini match was the most enduring.

5 thoughts on “Prince Philip – high-octane and adaptable

  1. Prince Philip rectified birthtime 21h,46m26s5.

    Asc. 13°,41’09,5 Capricorn.

    MC 07°,29’12,7 Scorpio

    Prince Philip 100 years birthday.

    Progressive aspect:

    10-Jun-2021 013°,41’09 Libra Merc 90 Asc

  2. Marjorie,

    Interested in the sun-moon midpoint (marriage). Didn’t know about this ( yet). Would you say a little bit more about this if you have time? Thank you

      • Yes Marjorie, totally 3rd that.

        You always refer to it. Most intriguing is when you mention what it could mean when aspecting the individual’s natal planets.


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