Prince Maha – a Hal to King Henry transformation seems unlikely



Can a playboy prince, with a rackety reputation, three failed marriages and an explosive temper take the place of his revered, steady-hand-on-the-tiller father? That’s a question perplexing the upper echelons of Thailand’s military junta government. Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn, born 28 July 1952 5.45 pm Bangkok, Thailand, made his pet poodle an Air Chief Marshal in the Thai air force and gave him a four day Buddhist funeral when he died. Lacks a certain gravitas.

He has a sociable 7th house Sun Venus and Pluto in the 7th; with his Pluto on the focal point of an indulgent and fearsome Fixed T Square to a Jupiter in Taurus opposition Mars in vengeful Scorpio. After his third divorce, he had his ex-wife’s parents thrown in jail.

His 9th house Libra Moon is conjunct Saturn and Neptune, sextile Pluto Venus and square Uranus so emotionally all over the place.

Common sense would indicate that his sister, well-regarded for her charity work, succeed instead. But his father said it would go against the culture (indulgent 4th house Jupiter?) so despite reservations he thought the senior son, however whacky and unstable should be crowned.

Prince Maha’s life is certainly in for a major change with tr Pluto opposition his Uranus at the moment; and with his Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct his Descendant he might just step up – for a while anyway though he’s delayed his coronation for a year. Tr Uranus however heading for his IC by 2018 and his Solar Arc Sun conjunct his Saturn by 2019 might put the brakes on his ambitions to step seamlessly into his father’s shoes and vast wealth.

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