Prince Gabriel of Sweden – another tearaway Virgo



A new Swedish Royal baby arrived the day before Serena Williams’. Prince Gabriel, second son of Prince Carl Philip and former glamour model Sofia Hellqvist, arrived on August 31 at 11.24 am in Stockholm.

He’s way down the succession order so should be free to throw his considerable energy into the world on his own terms. He has the Fire Grand Trine of a 10th house ambitious and flamboyant Mars Node in Leo trine Uranus descendant trine Saturn, formed into a Kite by Uranus opposition a 12th house Jupiter. He’s a Sun Virgo opposition Neptune, with his Sun trine Moon and Pluto in Capricorn, so a mix of dreamy and determined. Like his elder brother Alexander, he has Uranus in his house of close relationships and Neptune in his 5th, which doesn’t suggest an entirely settled adult married life.

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  1. Princess Estelle, who is second in line of succession, has a huge Pisces Stellium. She seems to be very protective of her younger sibling and cousins – there are soon to be 5 of them, since Princess Madeleine is pregnant again, with a third child in 5 years. Could be that she’ll become especially fond of Gabriel Carl Walther. There is interesting dynamics in the family between Princess Victoria and her siblings. Carl Philip and Madeleine are barely in speaking terms, because Madeleine doesn’t approve of Sofia. Not so much because of her background, but because Carl Philip used to date her best friend, and apparently, that didn’t end well. Victoria is close both to her brother and sister, and doing a balancing act there, probably very capably – she is a double Cancerian, just like Prince William, and has Jupiter conjunct IC, so very family orientated and aware of tradition.

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