Prince Andrew’s tribe – high hopes and disappointment



Is the gaffe-prone Sarah Ferguson about to be embraced once again by the Royal Family? It certainly appears to be Prince Andrew’s wish since she has represented him on several occasions in recent times and has therefore appeared in the Court Circular, been to Ascot, been to Balmoral etc. He’s no doubt leaning on his position as the Queen’s favourite, with Prince Philip (not a Fergie fan) retreating from public appearances; and attempting to guarantee his daughters’ inclusion once the Queen disappears off the scene.

However that doesn’t seem to be Prince Charles’ idea since he wants a slimmed-down Monarchy, restricted to his close family; and his famously frosty relationship with his brother is, if anything, worsening ahead.

Sarah Ferguson is facing a tough few years ahead with tr Pluto square her Libra Sun in 2018/19, then her Sun/Mars midpoint and finally her Mars in 2021/2022 – all pressured, frustrating and trapped. Plus a raft of Neptunian Solar Arc this year and on till 2020 which would suggest her plans and ambitions fizzle into the dust. Both Charles and Camilla look on her with active dislike – and those relationships will become ever more separated over the next four or five years.

Kate and William are also not fans and looking aggravated with her on for the next two years. Even her weirdly semi-detached relationship with ex-husband Andrew looks undermined and jolted in 2017/2018/19.

Prince Andrew is in an impulsive, if not reckless year, over-pushing to get his way with tr Uranus square his Mars Venus in Capricorn and conjunct his midheaven, so not in a mood to compromise. Tr Pluto is now just on the cusp of his 6th house of health and work, to be joined by tr Saturn from 2019 – so either he’s taking on a shedload of new chores or he’ll be facing health problems. He does look very buoyed up and high profile on the career front in 2021 but there’s no saying what that will involve.

His relationship with Charles which is competitive, argumentative and ratchety will be more separated in 2018/19; and is unsettled enough this year. Ditto with Camilla. Kate and William have grave doubts about him at an underlying level with composite Mars Neptune Saturn Jupiter in their respective relationship charts; and will be pulling steadily away from any thoughts of closer contact.

Princess Beatrice, struggling to set up her own business in between social outings is on her first Saturn return this year, which might well mature her. Though she’s facing a discouraging 2018 with tr Saturn opposition her Venus Moon, conjunct her Neptune and square her 2nd house Mars – which doesn’t look uplifting financially or emotionally. And indeed will face a crisis of direction and failure come late 2018, and grind to a halt in 2019. Though she might find a suitable partner and marry between 2019 and 2021.

There’s not much good feeling between herself and Prince Charles at the best of times and the gulf is widening late this year and sagging in 2018/19. Ditto Camilla. There’ll also be ruptures with the Duchess of Cambridge in the three years ahead, ditto William.

Princess Eugenie, has a problematic family 4th house with tr Pluto wading its way through for many years ahead, being in a conjunction to her Saturn in 2020/21; and indeed tr Saturn joins tr Pluto there from 2019 through till 2021. So all in all, the family does not look happy. And she has her Solar Arc Saturn conjunct her 5th house Moon by 2019 which won’t be singing and dancing.

None of her relationships with the senior Royals look exactly chirpy over the next few years. So I’d think Prince Andrew is whistling into the wind on this one.

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  1. Princess Beatrice – so one simply marries instead of doing “something” useful beyond socializing? That astro assessment ( Princess B + beau) would be truly challenging.

    Or, it could work out.

    • It is so interesting how Princess Anne has instilled an independent attitude in her children compared to Prince Andrew and Ms. Ferguson’s children. Most of the headlines about Prince Andrew and his daughters appear so DESPERATE. What an awful way to live. I think that is why I feel badly for Princess’s Beatrice and Eugenie; they haven’t been taught that they can make valuable contributions to the world outside of their royal status. It seems like they think they are nothing without it and that is sad.

  2. Marjorie: Being an American, I don’t understand the finer points of the British Monarchy though I still find the institution fascinating probably due in part to my Leo sun. Anyway, I have read/heard that Queen Elizabeth by nature dislikes friction and avoids dealing with fractious family static. If she is indeed aware of Prince Charles’ plan to slim down the monarchy, wouldn’t she provide financially for her favorite son Prince Andrew from her substantial wealth? And, for Prince Andrew, is it just money he is worried about or it is status or both? If he craves status, based on his previous gaffes, I would think he blew that a LONG TIME AGO.

    • The Queen must agree with Charles otherwise it wouldn’t have happened. And I think Andrew is all about both. By all accounts he’s a pompous prat. Status is hugely important to him. On paper all he gets financially is an allowance from his mother to keep up his private office and he was handed the Queen Mother’s old house in Great Windsor Park. He sold his marital home (present from the Queen) for a vastly inflated £15 million to a Kazakhstani mate; and he appears to work (mainly unpublicised) as an international fixer of business contracts. All sounds murky but he certainly lives like a billionaire, buying a £13 million ski chalet for the family and jet-setting round the world constantly, despite having been fired from his government official trade envoy job. Presumably a high profile Royal role would keep the other incomes rolling in, since he wouldn’t be much use if he was a minor nobody. Also why Fergie hasn’t let him go – who would she be as a nonentity ex?

      • Thanks Marjorie for your input. I would say Queen Elizabeth is smart enough to read the writing on the wall regarding the need to slim down the Monarchy. After all, why wouldn’t she be ultra invested in its survival and in these changing times who knows how long the institution will survive especially after she is gone. Prince Andrew and Ms. Ferguson definitely have been a liability. I feel sorry for Princes Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. Princess Eugenie seems so vulnerable to me.

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