Prince Andrew & Sarah – a smokescreen of sorts


Prince Andrew is quite rightly being nailed to the wall by the Daily Mail, with a punishing and relentless series of stories about his connections to Jeffrey Epstein, including unbelievably after his prison sentence for under-age sex. Ex-wife Sarah has been roped in as a prop accompanying Andrew to Balmoral and then fleeing with him to Spain when the rancid publicity became too much even for his devoted mother, HM Queen. There was talk of him perhaps remarrying Sarah, though that looks like a stretch.

Sarah, 15 October 1959 9.03 am London is in a distinctly trapped, frustrating and scary phase until early 2022 with tr Pluto square her Libra Sun and Sun/Mars midpoint now, before moving on to square her Mars in Libra in 2021/22. She’s also got a devastating Solar Arc Pluto conjunct her Neptune exact in six months’ time and a jolting Solar Arc Uranus conjunct her Sun in 2020, which will then bump across her Sun/Mars in 2023 and Mars in 2025 – so a long patch of extremely stormy weather, none of which looks like a second honeymoon.

Princess Eugenie, who is the younger daughter and was most affected by the ruptured parental marriage, is sagging badly vis a vis her father from late this September, on and off into early 2020; and looking agitated mid 2020 onwards in relation to family matters. Both Sarah and Beatrice will find mid this November to mid December the more difficult to cope with in relation to Andrew; as will Princess Anne and Prince Edward.

The Queen’s relationship chart with Andrew is stressed this year, but in major disaster-zone in 2020 from May onwards.

The catastrophic influences Andrew has at the moment of tr Pluto conjunct his Mars/Saturn and his Venus/Saturn lift temporarily from the 24th of this month but then return November 11th to December 18th this year. Into 2020 he faces the reputation damaging tr Pluto square his Midheaven running for two years.

For more astro-details on Prince Andrew see post July 21 2019.

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  1. Your post makes sense. There is an interesting correlation between troubling headlines with the Epstein scandal and the persistent sprinkling of re-marriage rumors. On another note, it is troubling that the first Epstein conviction wasn’t handled appropriately when he received a light sentence.

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