Prince Andrew & Kylie – good tabloid fodder



Prince Andrew, so reports go, is dating and consoling Kylie Minogue, after her split from her fiancé. Sounds like a celeb magazine fantasy but who knows? Maybe his nose is out of joint over Prince Harry’s showbiz significant other and thought he’d try some one-upmanship.

He’s a Sun Pisces, Scorpio Moon with Venus Mars in Capricorn; while she is a Sun Moon Mars Venus in Gemini – so a chalk and cheese, Water Air mix. His Pluto squares her Venus Sun so there could be an attraction – with a degree of control and possessiveness on his side. Her Saturn in self-reliant Aries and MC square his Venus, which isn’t so great.

Their relationship chart has a composite Moon Uranus Pluto opposition Saturn, which is downright bad news, emotionally blocked several ways; with an illusory composite Sun inconjunct Neptune; and a passionate Venus Mars conjunction. A few sparks but not enough for a forever match.

His Venus Mars is conjunct her Descendant which is good partnership material for her; and her Gemini planets fall in his 10th so good for his reputation.

What may or may not be significant are the tremors of dislike from his entourage of ladies – Sarah, Beatrice and Eugenie – with Kylie. Sort of ex-wife Sarah has tr Pluto opposition the composite Venus in her relationship chart with Kylie, exact now and recurring for two years, which could be jealousy. Ditto Eugenie: with tr Pluto square the composite Moon and Pluto. Beatrice looks no more enamoured.

His Solar Return for Feb 2017 for a year has Saturn conjunct his Descendant and Pluto in the 8th so doesn’t sound like a passion feste. And while tr Uranus is conjunct his MC this year for a sudden change of direction life-wise, there’s nothing dramatic showing up on the emotional front.

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