Prince Alexander of Sweden – parachuted into a palace

Prince Alexander of Sweden was born on 19 April 2016 at 6.25pm Stockholm, Sweden. He is the first born of Prince Carl Philip, fourth in line to the throne and his wife, former semi-nude glamour model Sophia Hellqvist. They married in June last year, so a honeymoon baby.

Alexander has an unaspected 7th house Taurus Sun so he may have problems establishing his identity and will want a partner’s support. Though with Venus Uranus in Aries also in the 7th he’ll tend to be erratic in his commitments.

His Venus Uranus square Pluto conjunct his IC – so he will feel trapped at times in his home and family life. He does have a confident and business-like Earth Grand Trine which will help, of Pluto trine Jupiter in Virgo trine an 8th house Mercury.  Though there’s also an awkward Neptune opposition Jupiter square Mars Saturn in Sagittarius in his 3rd – which suggests a childhood which instils discipline and doesn’t always take care of his needs – and fairly aggravated relationships with siblings.  His 12th house Libra Moon has only one aspect in sextile to Mars – so not well nurtured in an emotional sense.

It’ll be a tricky relationship with both parents, especially his mother since her Sun Uranus in Sagittarius is conjunct his focal point Mars Saturn.  And his father’s Moon Neptune in Sagittarius will also not always make for harmony.

His relationship chart with his mother looks rather erratic and bleak with a composite Sun Uranus and composite Venus square Saturn Pluto. With his father – composite Sun square Uranus as well and Mars; with a Moon Saturn conjunction.

So the usual guddle of complicated family dynamics typical of Royals.

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