President Trump – dreams meet realpolitik

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The deed is done, the die is cast and the USA (and the world) stand on a new frontier.

Exactly at noon 20th January 2017 Donald Trump swore the oath of office. There isn’t the same enthusiastic Sun Jupiter in the 10th as there was for Obama’s first term; but nor is it as difficult a chart as GW Bush’s muddled, explosively aggressive and dirty-dealing first term. Nor at all like Richard Nixon’s, for anyone hoping for an impeachment.

There’s a 12th house Uranus opposition a 6th house Jupiter which on the one hand could be adventurous in seeking remedies for employment which is his stump and inaugural promise; though it also points to underground rebel movements who don’t share his philosophy of life. That opposition squares onto Pluto in the 9th which tends to be control-freaky, suggests high-tension foreign relations which will certainly be the case if he goes all-out protectionist. But could also indicate rolling legal actions which are not unlikely; as well as a push to reform education; and maintain a firm grip on communications.

There are two ‘wedges’ as well, which are difficult to balance. Uranus opposition Jupiter trine/sextile an 8th house Saturn in know-it-all Sagittarius – shortage of money may get in the way of grandiose schemes; and Saturn is highly resistant to change in the 8th.

The Virgo North Node opposes Neptune and is trine/sextile Mercury in Capricorn. The North Node in the 5th is head-in-the-clouds, a dreamer and a fantasist, impractical. There is a need to let go castles-in-the-sky and get realistic about what it is possible to create. This is especially true given the Neptune opposition and Pisces on the South Node which will exacerbate the tendency to escapism and daydreaming. To work well this Node must work in a spirit of service to others. Neptune is also trine the Scorpio Moon and the Moon squares the Mars/Saturn midpoint as well as being in minor aspect to Mars and Saturn = discontented, unhappy, mistreated women; perhaps also points to the repeal of Obamacare since the Moon falls in the 6th and is afflicted.

Neptune Venus and Mars all sit in the 11th house which rules the legislature and society’s hopes for the future. So confusion in Congress/Senate, along with some good will and a great deal of argument, especially over financial policies since Mars squares the 8th house Saturn. The USA won’t quite know where it is going since Neptune tends to be directionless.

It’ll certainly be an arena for hostile arguments with Mercury in aspect to Saturn/Pluto = Mars/Pluto = Saturn/Uranus = Mars/Uranus.

There will be some heated spats from the middle of next week for a few days as tr Saturn squares Mars; some uplift in March with tr Uranus opposition Jupiter; and a sharp change of direction as tr Uranus squares the MC in May this year, repeating in October and again in early 2018. But the real wobbles will come from Feb 2018 for two years with tr Pluto square Uranus exactly; and in late 2019 when the Solar Arc Pluto squares Uranus. Both of those will de-stabilise his administration, though such a tight-grip Pluto will hang on through thick and thin.

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  1. A couple of key bits for comprehending Obama’s run: Retrograde Mercury exactly conj Sun at first inauguration, reflected in how the rhetoric and subsequent policies were quite different from expectations (remember the absurdity of the Peace Prize?); also reflected in the way the oath was botched and redone the next day.
    Less than a week later a solar eclipse occurred, representing the rapid withering of the whole hopey-changey (Jupiter) thing.
    Republicans famously met on 20 Jan 09 and vowed to obstruct Obama at every turn, so that he’d be a one-termer. (Didn’t quite work out that way.)
    Also: every eight years (e.g., 2001, 2009, 2017) on the same date, Venus occupies the exact same degree, or very nearly: an especially important factor when Taurus is always the rising sign at inauguration time. In 2001 (Dubya Bush), Venus was square Moon-Pluto (representing financial crises at beginning and end); 2009, conj Uranus opposite Saturn (representing the financial crash playing out); 2017, sandwiched between Mars and Neptune, square Saturn: another slow-motion financial train wreck building up.
    In 2009, Mars (exalted) in Capricorn in the 9th correlated with ongoing and expanding foreign wars, and increasing tensions throughout Obama’s terms. In 2017, Mercury with Pluto in 9th relates to the large question of the role and scope of the “intelligence” bureaucracies with which Trump has been tangling intensively.

    • Why do we need to “comprehend” Obama’s “run” when the subject is Trump? Anytime I read something about Trump, and a comment tries to school me about Obama, I immediately know what the deal is. Take it to the bridge.

    • Pete, Thanks, that’s interesting, on the astrology. Obama was a disappointment since he offered such hope at the start. A touch of the Tony Blair’s though Obama is a good deal more decent as a human being.

      • Marjorie, I can’t fault you for not visiting a lot of American websites, but if you had for the past eight years you would have read an unrelenting barrage of garbage aimed at Obama. It was horrible, never ending, hateful, and–everywhere.

        He literally could not do his job with the constant No votes from the Republican party. Literally.

        Since he has been elected, I have never made a comment about him that wasn’t met with trash talk. Never, not even here.

        How could anyone protect hope from the vast morass of sewage that poured from the a**s of American Idiots?

        For me, he was not a disappointment or a lapdog like Tony Blair, but was an example of a balanced man acting with moderation and maturity against all odds.

  2. What influence do you see in respect of the August USA centred eclipse close to Trumps mars in Leo conjunction his asc? To a relative layman this looks dangerous. This eclipse more generally occurs I think in the inauguration 4th house, the house of the home/people? Is Trumps well being threatened?

  3. Marjorie – the inauguration chart isn’t specifically tied to any one person (man or woman). In a sense, it’s a natal chart of “a” new administration, yes? While there may be bright spots and opportunities along with the mud slinging, how the “inaugural natal chart” lives out its potential is dependent on the existing powers that be. Trump will be around for a while but even if Pence takes the reigns, the inaugural chart remains; Pence will sit in that “chair” and lead it to – perhaps – a better outcome.

    Have I missed the point?

    • Pense took the oath of office at 11:54 AM.

      I’m not an authority on this, but I would think a person who makes an oath takes the astrological burden (so to speak), by being the chief catalyst of the events to follow.

    • Hmm, I’d tend to take it as the start of Trump’s term and if Pence did happen to take over, then he gets a new start from the handover. Lord knows I can’t see Trump’s blood pressure or sanity (!?!) surviving four years of legitimate and factual criticism. He explodes like a weapons dump hit by a scud missile when forced to eyeball reality.

  4. 12th house, hidden issues; Uranus, sudden unexpected actions.
    6th house, sickness; Jupiter, abundance.
    9th house, foreign, publications; Pluto, the masses.
    Opposition and square, negative.
    Donald will have a whole lot of sick, hidden issues exposed to the world, some with with foreign origin.
    Foreign: Melania, Russia, Putin.
    Sick: whoa Nelly!

  5. Trump emerged in 2016 as his progressed sun moved from Virgo into Leo and from the 12th to the 1st house. He was ready – whether we are ready is another matter.

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