Portugal fires – high mortality


Raging forest fires, started by very dry and hot conditions (40C+) and sparked by a lightning strike, have killed over 60 so far in central Portugal, many burnt in their cars as they tried to escape. It’s the worst fire in many years with hundreds of firefighters involved in tackling multiple fires.

We seem to be lurching from one horror to the next at the moment. With Mars now in Cancer moving towards a square to Jupiter next weekend and then, more especially, opposing Pluto on July 2nd, it is a high-risk, hugely pressured time. So there may be more disasters. Both the London fire and the Scalise shooting occurred in the early stages of this and it often does trigger early, rather than on the exact date.

The February 11th Lunar Eclipse located to the Portugal fire zone did have the Sun closely conjunct the IC with the Moon on the MC, so very prominently on the axis.

2 thoughts on “Portugal fires – high mortality

  1. Marjorie, this catastrophe and now the incident near a mosque at midnight. Maybe, as you pointed out previously, that UK Mars in the 8th is triggering the same kind of horrors that we saw in the 80s. If only this knowledge could prevent any more fatalities.

  2. Mercury opposite Saturn..transport disaster involving people in closed spaces ie trapped? I sincerely hope not. Sun opposite Saturn .. fire and people trapped? Just a thought.

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