Pluto in Capricorn driving protests: Algeria for one

A groundswell of popular anti-government demonstrations in the Middle East – Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia even Iran – suggests the Arab Spring of 2011 isn’t over. South America is also rife with unrest in Chile, Ecuador, Argentina. The connecting thread is resentment against incompetent or corrupt governments whose policies have led to economic collapse, social woes and repression.

The initial Arab Spring uprisings coincided with the revolutionary tr Uranus square tr Pluto which has now moved on. But Pluto in Capricorn is still in place till 2023/24, part of whose purpose is to collapse outworn governmental systems, clear the decks and replace them eventually with better. The tr Saturn Pluto conjunction tends to be repressive but it may be that Pluto in Capricorn is refusing to be totally tramped under foot and will push on regardless.

Algeria is one arena of discord where peaceful ‘hirak’ protestors have called on Algerians to refrain from voting in the December 12th elections because of the rigging of official candidates. Since gaining independence from France in 1962, the country has been run from the shadows by army chiefs, secret services officers, and older politicians. One voter said: “Our ancestors fought the French for independence, and we are fighting the Mafia that has confiscated that same independence.” The army has chosen or approved every single one of Algeria’s presidents since independence. The resignation of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika earlier this year forced by the army in the face of public anger was followed by the appointment of an interim president overseen by the military with the prospect of more of the same after ‘elections.’

The Algeria Independence chart, 3 July 1962. 10.38am Algiers, has a Water Grand Trine of a Cancer Sun trine Neptune trine Jupiter in Pisces, formed into a Kite by Jupiter opposition Pluto and Ascendant. There’s potential there for great success and in an oil and gas-rich country there should be no problem in maintaining a booming economy. But the Algeria Mars is closely conjunct the destructive Fixed star Algol, a hint perhaps of the brutality of the Franco-Algerian War out of which the modern Algeria was born; and there’s a suspicious Saturn opposition North Node in Leo square a slippery Neptune. And with Pluto the driving planet of the central Grand Trine who holds the power will always be an issue.

The recent July Solar Eclipse was exactly conjunct the Algeria Sun brewing up a crisis which is a challenge to change. And that will continue through 2020. There’ll be a highly strung, disruptive mood from July 2020 onwards with tr Uranus square the Saturn and opposition Neptune, with a clash between rigid authoritarians and idealists, with some fanatical overtones in the outbursts that will run on and off into early 2022. There’ll be no quick n’ easy way ahead with a blocked Solar Arc Sun conjunct Pluto in 2021. But the public aggravation won’t subside with tr Pluto opposition the Cancer Moon in 2022/23.

It’s the same rancid story the world over whether in emerging nations or supposedly civilized democracies. A cabal of unaccountable brokers hold the power.


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  1. Perhaps I’m just a cockeyed optimist but I am thinking that as Pluto in Capricorn tears down government structures, transiting Saturn is coming up right behind to rebuild them on a more realistic and, therefore, solid foundation. Too optimistic?

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