Pink Panther heists – well-planned, fast and brass-necked

There’s suspicion that the Kim Kardashian robbers were part of the Pink Panther group of East European criminals who have pulled off some astonishing jewellery heists in the past two decades all over the world. They are a loose network of about 200 it is thought, so if some are caught, which they have been, it does not affect the set up. They don’t use violence although they have been armed; are meticulously well prepared and disappear fairly instantly after audacious raids.

What is interesting is that the charts of four of the highest-grossing raids are reasonably similar, and all have Fire Suns (although not this one).

Carlton Hotel, Cannes, 28 July 2013, $136 million – a Water Grand Trine of Mars Jupiter in trine Neptune trine Saturn North Node, formed into a Kite by Mars Jupiter opposition Pluto. So certainly talented, but with the confident-chancer Mars Jupiter; with Mars Pluto highlighted which has criminal overtones. The Leo Sun was trine Uranus.

Wafi Mall, Dubai, 14 April 2007 -a Fire Grand Trine of Aries Sun trine Saturn trine Jupiter (Pluto), formed into a Kite by Saturn opposition Neptune; with the Sun opposition the Saturn/Pluto midpoint and Uranus = Mars/Pluto.  Certainly entrepreneurial and risk-taking.

Graff, 6 Aug 2009, £40 million, one of London’s biggest robberies – a Leo Sun widely opposition the high-finance Jupiter Neptune; with Mars in Gemini on the point of a T Square to Saturn opposition Uranus.

Harry Winston, 5 Dec 2008, Paris, $110 million, called the robbery of the century by the French media – a Sagittarius Sun conjunct Mars on the focal point of Saturn opposition Uranus; with Saturn square the Mars/Pluto midpoint and Uranus = Mars/Saturn.

This Kim Kardashian robbery had the Sun square the Mars/Pluto midpoint.

So all have Fire Suns – inspirational and entrepreneurial; all have afflicted Mars, especially tied into Pluto; and three out of these four older examples had a Jupiter trine Saturn, which points to careful pre-planning; several had a heavily aspected and evasive Neptune as well.

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