Phil Collins – a mellower second attempt

Singer Phil Collins is back with his third wife, Orianne Cevey, whom he very expensively divorced in 2006, after ‘drifting apart.’ In the interim she remarried and had a child, and is partially paralysed due to complications in an operation.

No birth date unfortunately for her.

He’s born 30 Jan 1951 12.05am London and has a 4th house Sun Aquarius trine Saturn and opposition an influential and controlling 10th house Pluto.  He’s also got a highly emotional, self-protective Water Grand Trine of a Scorpio Moon trine Mars Jupiter in Pisces in the performing 5th trine Uranus in Cancer.

Both a Scorpio Moon and 10th house Pluto will make letting go difficult.

He’s in a very Neptunian phase at the moment with tr Uranus opposition his Neptune; Solar Arc Neptune opposition his Pluto; and tr Neptune conjunct his 5th house Mars Jupiter. That can be undermining though also softening and healing.

Their original wedding chart, 24 July 1999 has a Fixed Grand Square of Jupiter opposition Mars square Sun Mercury opposition Neptune – so plenty of energy and optimism, designed for showbiz and glamour.

He’s got a few bumps on his road ahead with a blocked Solar Arc Sun conjunct his Pluto by early 2018 and at the same time tr Uranus moving into his 7th which is often not easy for close relationships.

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