Eiffel Tower – the heart of France

The Eiffel Tower, one of the world’s greatest iconic structures and instantly recognisable symbol for Paris, was set under way on 28 January 1887 when the foundations were dug.

That gives a powerful Mars in Aquarius opposition a leadership Leo North Node square Neptune in Taurus and Pluto in early Gemini.

That T square sits right at the heart and base of the France 21 September 1792 3.30pm chart with the focal point Neptune conjunct the France IC, the Eiffel Tower Mars Venus in Aquarius in France’s 1st house close to its Pluto and the North Node in Leo in France’s 7th close to Uranus. So truly a national treasure.

The Eiffel Tower also has an Aquarius Sun Mercury square Jupiter in Scorpio – so confident and proud.

It was closed in 2015 on several days because of terrorist risk.  Over coming months there’ll be increasing unease about its safety with an approaching Solar Arc Saturn opposition Neptune. That doesn’t necessarily signify an event, merely anxiety. There’ll be more jolts and upsets in two and three years’ time for further Solar Arcs colliding.

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