Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez – an idealistic though not enduring Pisces



Pedro Sánchez, a former economics professor and rather dishy, has replaced Rajoy as Spanish PM. He’ll have an uphill battle to push through reforms with only 84 MPs out of 350.

Born 29 February 1972, Madrid, he’s a Sun Pisces opposition a Virgo Moon; with his Sun on the focal point of a Mutable T Square (maybe Grand Cross) to a Saturn opposition Neptune – very Mutable, overly adaptable, tends to get pushed around by the prevailing breeze. His more solidly rooted Mars in Taurus is in an enthusiastic trine to Jupiter, sextile his Sun; with Jupiter square Pluto – ego-centric, confident, pushy on occasion.

He’ll have the odd success this year but generally transits to his midpoints are dire through 2018 and possibly worse in 2029. So he may not last long.

He was sworn in at around 11 am (I think, anyone with an accurate time gratefully received). This gives roughly the same chart as Trump Trade Tariffs (see below|) – an unrealistic Water Grand Trine involving Neptune and an explosive Mars Uranus Node T Square. With, if time roughly accurate, Uranus in the 10th so a roller-coaster ride.

In Egypt Al-Sisi was also sworn in today for a 2nd Term, so similar aspects. [I do wish twitter would identify which time zone they put on posts since impossible to work out time.] Earlyish morning so maybe 10am.

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