Paul Manafort – the dominoes start to tumble



Paul Manafort, former Trump campaign chairman and campaign official Rick Gates have been indicted by a federal grand jury as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. They were indicted on 12 counts, according to court documents, including conspiracy against the United States, conspiracy to launder money, being an unregistered agent of a foreign principal, false and misleading FARA statements, false statements, and seven counts of failure to file reports of foreign bank and financial accounts.

Manafort, 1 April 1949 is a go-getting Sun, Mars, Venus, Mercury in Aries trine Pluto, so no slouch when it comes to heading for what he wants. He looks shattered at the moment with tr Neptune square his Mars/Pluto midpoint into Jan 2018, with more Neptune to follow and a downbeat tr Saturn in Capricorn square his Aries planets in 2018. Though he’ll get one boost from tr Uranus square his Jupiter through 2018 – the theory being he’ll be offered a deal if he rolls over on information against others in the Russia investigation.

His relationship chart with Trump looks pressured this month; devastated at the point where Manafort gets a lucky break in April 2018 and December 2018/January 2019; and hits its nadir in 2019 with tr Neptune square the composite Mars.

Manafort’s Uranus is conjunct Trump’s Sun and his Saturn sits on Trump’s Ascendant so he could be a catalyst for a major disruption in DT’s life and career trajectory; plus put a damper on his image. Manafort’s Aries planets are all in Trump’s hidden and secretive 8th house of joint finances. [See posts: August 15 2016 and August 11 2017]

Tr Uranus is square Trump’s Venus from mid this week which will bring an emotional shock of sorts; with tr Pluto squaring his Jupiter this month and November putting him into pushy overdrive, with little regard for social niceties or rules and regulations – it also carries the association of conflict with governmental authorities. [See post October 19 2017.]

14 thoughts on “Paul Manafort – the dominoes start to tumble

  1. Multiple passports, same name but fake address and emails. Not the same as fake news, which Trump invented, btw.

    Multiple trips to faraway and exotic locations: proven evidence of intent to become a flight risk.

    What’s Trump’s Plan B?

  2. Don’t miss this other arrest, of George Papadopolous, for lying to the F.B.I. about the campaign’s dealings with Russia. This entire first wave of indictments is what Feds do, creating pressure, starting a process designed to ratchet up tension and gain cooperation. Papadopolous is the day’s big story—his activities go straight to attempts to work with a foreign power to gain information about a political adversary. He has also already offered a guilty plea and started to cooperate. This is likely a very big deal.

    • Papadopolous named “supervisor” in his mails talking about meeting Russians. At least some would have been forwarded to the said “supervisor”, who, it appears, was no other than Jeff Sessions.

    • Steve, as I said below to Solaia, Papadop was wired. Papadopoulos is described as “proactive cooperator.” That usually means “wore a wire.”

  3. Trump has Mueller knotted up with his threat to use Presidential pardons. Both indictees are being tried under New Jersey laws, and with mainly financial charges, to avoid this. Its very complicated now. Trump seems to be Plutos favorite son.

    There will be some heavy artillary strikes at Hillary and the democrats to deflect attention.

    • No, it’s not, if Manafort and Gates collaborate in exchange of a sentence reduction. The Indictment seems heavy, enough to land them long prison sentances. I’m actually betting on Gates, who is in his mid-40’s, to talk first. Gates remained with Trump through the campaign and was part of The Inaugural Committee. He was involved in handling over 100 million US$ in donations.

      Papadopoulos’ arrest already shows what was going on inside that campaign, there are mails encouraging Papadopoulos to cultivate connections to Russians from people much higher up in Campaign Hierarchy – although this would have been before Manafort accepted the job.

      • I’m disputing your “No”. Mueller has to be very careful with the charges, where they are filed, what they are filed for, etc, to avoid Trump instantly pardoning them after a trial. No president has ever been so reckless and bold, but, if you remember, Trump already announced, for no reason, that he would definitely use the power of presidential pardon, even on himself.

        Trump does not have pardon power over state crimes. That’s why Mueller has teamed up with New York and New Jersey attorney generals to file charges there, for state crimes, not federal. Think again about this not bringing an enormous amount of complication into this.

        Mueller has assembled a team of 17 of the toughest organized crime lawyers in the nation. Papadop was wired. It’s there in black and white if you know how to read the legalese of the indictment.

        His top legal aid is researching presidential pardons to see how far Trump can go.

        No special prosecutor has ever faced such an all out war.

        • Well, yes, I certainly hope he was wired. That said, “proactive witness” doesn’t necessarily always imply to being wired. In this case, I could well take it meaning those e-mails.

          • Proactive cooperator is a specific term. I don’t know what a proactive witness is, and cooperator and witness mean two different things. Papadop has already pled guilty to some charges. No trial on those charges, no admittance of evidence, no having to answer any pesky questions

        • And of course Trump recently took unprecedented personal interviews with US attorney candidates in New York, DC, and the Florida district where Mar-a-Lago is – and only in those districts, not any of the other US attorney candidates across the country. Clearly trying to make sure he’s covered in the states as well. Hopefully the tactic will backfire on him.

          • Question number one: will you refuse to prosecute anyone named Trump? You will? Ok, you’re hired…er…appointed…or whatever. Ya got the job.

  4. I read the whole indictment list. Proven activity on offshore accounts predates his involvement witjTrump Campaign.The closest thing there is a realestate fraud in Spring 2016. But yes, it’s an impressive list of charges and can be used to “turn” a witness. My guess is Manafort has a lot to say on how Trump Campaign went from broke to winning when he was running it.

    • The charges are all state charges, not federal. Mueller is limited in what he can charge as state crimes. Read my reply to you above as to why.

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