Patty Duke – surviving the unthinkable

Multi-award winning actress Patty Duke, who has just died, had a gothic childhood. Her father was alcoholic, her mother depressive and at 8 she was handed over to two talent managers who exploited her financially, sexually abused her, and put her on drugs. She was diagnosed in adult life as bi-polar, had four marriages, the final one lasting for 30 years.

Born 14 December 1946 10.39pm New York, she had a 4th house Sun Mars in Sagittarius opposition a 10th house Uranus square a 1st house Virgo Moon. So very Mutable, scattered, highly strung, emotionally on edge from an impossibly insecure childhood.

She also had Jupiter Venus in Scorpio in her 3rd square Pluto (Saturn) in Leo which would give her an antidote of optimism and confidence.  Her artistic Neptune was well aspected being on the focal point of a mini-Grand Trine of Saturn trine Mercury.

Her ‘victim’ 12th Harmonic, not surprisingly, was heavily aspected with a ruthless, fearful and frustrating Earth Grand Trine dominated by Mars and Pluto. Her get-it-together, creative 5th Harmonic was also strong; as was her determined/enduring 16H.

Two thoughts are that a useful chunk of Jupiter in aspect and ruling her Sun probably saved her; and that heavily Mutable charts can have a tendency to mood swings.

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  1. Thanks for the harmonics. Patty in her autobiography she credits Anne Bancroft (Virgo Sun,Venus/Sagittarius moon/Scorpio rising)as the first adult to give her nurturing and respect. They did 700 shows of The Miracle Worker on Broadway before the movie. She met Helen Keller and credits her as her spiritual mentor. She worked with Patricia Neal, Helen Hayes, Julie Harris, and Laurence Oliver as a child. Her cast members were her family. She had positive reinforcement with the curtain calls and working with some of the greatest actors of all time.

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