Paddy Ashdown – a politician with experience outside the bubble



Paddy Ashdown, who in his political incarnation took the Lib Dems from obscurity to become the strongest third party in parliament since the 1920s, has died. His event-packed life before Westminster included a stint in the Royal Marines, the Special Boat Section (later Service) and then MI6 as a spy.

He was born 27 February 1941 4.30 pm New Delhi, India, into a family of soldiers and colonial administrators, grew up mainly in Northern Ireland and spoke several languages including Mandarin. During his time in MI6 he lived in Switzerland under diplomatic cover as a UK representative to the UN. After he left parliament, he became UN high representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina in May 2002, calming tensions after a brutal civil war. He was later proposed as Nato’s envoy to Afghanistan, but his appointment was vetoed by President Karzai and influential warlords.

He did have a powerful and talented chart with his Pisces Sun Mercury on the focal point of a mini-Grand Trine to Mars in Capricorn in his pro-active 5th trine Jupiter Saturn in Taurus on his midheaven.  Jupiter on the MC brings increasing respect with age; Saturn on the MC would give him executive and organisational ability. Jupiter Saturn mixes ideals with practicality. Mars Jupiter gave him boundless enthusiasm; Saturn Mars good for a military career.

His Saturn Jupiter squared onto a 12th house Pluto giving him grit and behind-the-scenes influence and power. His Uranus in the 10th suited him for an unusual career without too much direct supervision. Uranus square a charming 7th house Venus would make him a flirt, though with a hidden sensitive 8th house Pisces he would protect his vulnerabilities.

His astrocartography intriguingly put his Sun on the midheaven when relocated to Bosnia, suggesting that was where he’d find his truest direction in life.


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