Orlando – brutality and tragedy in a sociable city

Orlando ShootingOrlando Florida


A shoot-out and hostage situation at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida has left at least 50 dead and many injured. It started at 2am local time this morning when retrograde Mars was in the 8th on the focal point of a Yod to Uranus sextile Venus Sun.  So vengeful Mars in Scorpio was very hyped up – in its natural home the 8th, stressed and overly aggressive because of the Yod. Tierney remarks of a Yod focal point Mars: ‘He may exhibit displaced anger, aiming his hostility at inappropriate targets.’

The gunman was shot by police after three hours and although it is being marked at this stage as domestic terrorism, the motivation isn’t known.

Orlando was first incorporated on 31 July 1875. As befits a town called either City Beautiful or Theme Park Capital of the World attracting 60 million visitors a year, many of them families, it is Sun Leo square a filmic Neptune; with a frivolous Jupiter square Venus Mercury Moon in Cancer.

There were also a clutch of quincunxes at its inception. Jupiter was inconjunct Pluto; and there was a Yod of Mars sextile Saturn inconjunct Venus in Cancer. So there’s a darker, more strained underside.

Tr Uranus is exactly square that focal point Venus at the moment, bringing an emotional shock of some severity, triggering the Mars and Saturn quincunxes. Tr Uranus is also exactly semi-sextile the Orlando Pluto and sextile Saturn.

Usually when Yods are triggered by transits there is a distinct change of direction afterwards.

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