Olly Robbins – a Mars Uranus gaffe



An astro-quickie on Olly Robbins, Theresa May’s favourite civil servant, who’s been spearheading the Brexit negotiations in Brussels. In an extraordinary lapse of judgement (or was it?) he gossiped about the UK government’s strategy over a late-night drink in a bar earlier this week and was overheard by the ITV journalist Angus Walker. He said the strategy was to force agreement of her unpopular and inadequate deal or face a long delay, since No Deal was effectively off the table. All since hotly denied.

Two things are interesting about his chart. One is his Sun, almost certainly an Anaretic = last degree Aries. Theresa May herself has three planets in the final degree of a sign. The characteristics are dithering endlessly, then leaping blindly to a decision that contradict most of what went before. The tr Uranus Mars conjunction in Aries was conjunct his Sun when he made his gaffe so ramping up his excitability.  Tr Uranus will be moving to oppose his Uranus from the first days of March, so he’s in a rock n’ roll phase when sudden decisions and changes are likely.

The second point of interest is that he, like Grayling, and T May has Mars in Pisces – on the focal point of a scattered Mutable T Square to Venus opposition Neptune; and inconjunct Pluto as well as trine Saturn and trine Uranus. So Mars in Pisces to the nth degree. Pisces is not a sign where Mars is happy.

If a pre-mid-day birth, then he’s got an inspirational and attention-seeking Fire Grand Trine of a Leo Moon trine Jupiter trine Neptune, formed into a Kite by a pushily confident Jupiter opposition Pluto. Making influential Pluto the driving planet which just happens to conjunct T May’s Sun – so a close relationship in which he almost certainly holds the reins.

Rumours have it he has been sounding out merchant banks as his post-Brexit escape route.

His relationship chart with T May is close, friendly, though with a hint of illusions about it and was always destined to live through tumultuous times and many changes. There’s an irritating setback at the moment and a slump come April onwards.



3 thoughts on “Olly Robbins – a Mars Uranus gaffe

  1. “Rumours have it he has been sounding out merchant banks as his post-Brexit escape route.”

    Given how Pluto/Saturn is shaping up, he probably should rethink. I have a feeling Saturn/Pluto will be brutal for investment banking and venture capitalism and not in a way we’ve used to – “little people” ultimately suffering the most. We’ve seen a kind of a prelude of this in Finland, with Saturn trining our Virgo Moon, and this going to carry into National Elections that will be held with Saturn conjunct country’s MC. The effect will be unsuspected, it starts to look like all current government parties might be wiped out, although current PM’s party might pivot under a new leadership.

  2. Just compared him to the 1801 chart. His Pluto conjunct 1801 Ascendant, His Mars wide of the 1801 Pluto, His Saturn midpoint 1801 Moon/MC, His Neptune conjunct 1801 Kiron/Mercury Midpoint….and much more. Is he the UKs Nemesis?

    • Thanks. Pluto on Ascendant certainly highly significant. He’s holding the reins of control but also has it in him to damage the UK’s reputation.

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