Northern Ireland – dragged unwillingly into an uncertain future

Northern Ireland 1912Northern Ireland 1922



Northern Ireland, having voted 55% to remain in the EU, (part of Belfast 75%), looks exceedingly unhappy over the coming two to three years.

There are two Northern Ireland charts – 7 Dec 1922 3.28pm Belfast, on joining the UK; and 28 September 1912.

The 1922 chart has a double whammy shock at the moment from Solar Arc Uranus opposition Sun; and tr Uranus square the Cancer Moon. The tr Saturn square tr Neptune and the September Solar Eclipse are all homing in on the NIrel Uranus at 9 Pisces over coming months – so high anxiety.

Tr Pluto is square the NI Saturn through 2016/17 which looks economically and emotionally depressed; with Solar Arc Saturn also opposition the Moon in 2017. And an undermining tr Neptune square Sun Mercury in 2017/18.

2018 sees the deprived/hardship Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Saturn which does not look upbeat as a major change of direction comes with tr Uranus square MC. 2019 is a financial slide with Solar Arc Neptune conjunct Venus.

The 1912 chart has a trapped, frustrated, angry tr Pluto square Mars in 2016/17; with a nervy tr Uranus square Neptune in 2017. 2018 sees tr Uranus square Uranus for a major change at the same time as the Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct Mars, which is a total roadblock.

Northern Ireland is in a different situation to Scotland, since there is the ever tendentious problem of the Eurozone Republic of Ireland. With the memory of the 20th Century troubles still looming large, the prospect of a united Ireland is a non-starter.  Economic woes plus the risks attendant on installing a ‘hard’ border with the south will no doubt be preying on their minds.

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