North Korea – the dogs of war straining at the leash



Trump’s bombastic Mars in Leo just moved up to Defcon1, as expected astrologically given the impending collision with the Leo Solar Eclipse in less than two weeks’ time. His threat to North Korea that it would see “fire and fury like the world has never seen” if it continued with provocations, has unfortunate parallels with President Harry S. Truman’s 1945 post-Hiroshima warning to Japan if they didn’t surrender. “They may expect a rain of ruin from the air, the like of which has never been seen on this earth.” Not only are the words similar but the upcoming (Great American) Solar Eclipse on the 21st is in the same Saros Series as the one which occurred a month before the first and only nuclear bombs ever dropped, by the USA on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945.

There’s no inevitability of the same outcome since this eclipse series repeats every 18 years or so. But it is ratcheting up the tension.

The relationship chart between the USA and North Korea is being buffeted by this month’s eclipses – the composite Sun almost exactly on this week’s Lunar eclipse and the composite Mars conjunct the Solar Eclipse. With emotions running very high through September/October with tr Pluto opposition the composite Venus.

Kim Jong Un has a questionable birth date, but was inducted as leader at 11.57am on 29 Dec 2011 in P’yonggang, NK. This chart indicates his grip on power is in its most unstable period over the next six months as Uranus moves by Solar Arc to square the Sun Pluto conjunction exactly. The tension is mounting at the moment with tr Uranus opposition the Saturn, which most often brings temper tantrums, kicking against restrictions and a self-willed, autocratic mood. There’ll be more of the same this December; and an enraged, frustrated, cornered, situation in January 2018, with the exact Solar Arc Uranus square Sun Pluto by late Feb/March 2018 (though the effects tend to precede the exact date.)

The worry is that China will get dragged into the furore. Despite counselling North Korea to back down, they won’t take kindly to US aggression in their region. The Mars Pluto in mid Leo in the 7th on the China chart is on high alert this week with the Lunar Eclipse in opposition; and tensions are escalating there with the Solar Arc Uranus conjunct the China Saturn, exact within a few weeks.

The China/US relationship chart is at its most combative for years in 2017 to the end of 2018 with tr Pluto opposition the composite Mars, which will bring aggravated fury. Tr Saturn is also opposition the Uranus now till early September. With the composite Sun hitting the Solar Eclipse this month as well. All very much on edge.

James Mattis, Secretary of Defense, 8 September 1950, might be a pointer to any US military action, though it’s tricky to extrapolate from his chart which influences come from being in the centre of the swirling chaos of the Trump internal circus and which might be outside pressures. He does look in a high-risk phase with tr Pluto square his Sun/Mars (either this month or Sept/Oct depending on his birth time), and repeating in 2018. He’s also got a ‘jolting shock’ Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Sun this year, maybe early 2018. With a fair amount of Neptunian confusion, losses and mayhem running till 2019. What is most pointed is tr Pluto square his Mars/Saturn midpoint from early 2018 to late 2019 – that is disaster-ridden, dangerous and could be an indicator of military action.

Tense times. But despite the Eclipses becoming a minor obsession this month, there’s not much else showing up as catastrophic. Though on second thoughts the Eclipsed New Moon is conjunct Mars and trine Saturn and Uranus, so quite inflammatory. Late Sept/early Oct look edgy; as does late Nov and Dec 2017.

The Lunar Eclipses located to North Korea all look stressed this month as do the two in 2018, most especially the July one which looks devastating – with the Full Moon conjunct Mars on the Asc/Desc square Uranus.

Guam, 10 Dec 1898, in the direct firing line of threats, looks understandably panicked and that runs on, worsening through 2018/19/20 with tr Neptune square its Pluto and then Saturn Sun. The Guam/NK relationship chart is heavily disrupted exactly now with tr Pluto trine the composite Uranus; at risk of violent interventions through the next few months and  worse in 2018/19 with tr Pluto trine the Mars/Uranus midpoint and then composite Mars. So it is living under the shadow of a brutal attack.

12 thoughts on “North Korea – the dogs of war straining at the leash

  1. It always amazes me that the countrymen of zealots seldom rise up against them and bump them orf (fear?) and leave it to outsiders (enemy). Thanks for your reasoned analysis Marjorie, it’s hard to be as cool under stressed conditions as you are. I do very many babies/children’s charts and someone asked me this week if I see war/the end/ etc in them – and I have to say, the charts I’ve had lately are full of “the future” if you could say that – directed, positive, no hugely difficult stuff en masse. That’s what personally gives me hope that this will somehow be got over…….don’t ask me about global warming, that’s a totally different kettle of fish!

    • That gives me hope too, Maggy, if that is what you see in the charts of children. I’m just hoping this is just another ‘Cold War Fear’ situation. I’m sure those who lived during that period were terrified that the world would end at some point but, look, we are still here. Just wish those peacocking ‘men’ would just sod off and let humanity try and evolve but, they just can’t bear it unless they are controlling us. I imagine the narcissistic Trump is adoring this situation. In his mind, he’s in his own John Wayne movie as he struts down the road, his guns swinging and his spurs kicking up the dust into the road, demented on saving us all. When really, we should all be saved from him and his kind.

    • I was in Seoul in 2013 and the South Koreans were totally unimpressed with the posturing and missile testing. The people I spoke to said that they were used to decades of threats from North Korea and they were so calm about it that the hysteria elsewhere seemed out of all proportion. ‘No hugely difficult stuff en masse ‘ could also bode well for global warming if the charts of children are looking so good in the future. Take heart.

  2. This is what really makes me angry about men like Trump, Jong Un, Putin, Netanyahu, etc, and all those before, who govern the world the way they do; their bombastic and ethno-centric arrogance to destroy thousands, if not millions, of people’s lives because they have a problem with the other man in power. And they sleep like a baby too after making such genocidal decisions. It’s all about who looks bigger, heroic, mightier, in which other men can look up to and admire and history can fawn over. I’m pig sick of it all. Why isn’t there a stand-alone secret military group who can kidnap this bloody lot, put them on a flotilla in the middle of the ocean and torpedo the lot of them out of existence? Save the many by killing the dangerous few. Is it too much to ask for?!

    • Jo – certainly such “ghost” recon forces exist. But at what cost if one is captured or their cover blown? I’ve heard-tell that endless suffering could have been spared and the Great War avoided all for a single bullet costing but a few cents.

      If such forces are released against one foe, other factions can produce their own such ghost forces. A war of assassins? In the original Dune, such a war prevented the deaths of innocent people. There is some merit to the idea.

  3. In retaliation for Trump’s foolishness, China could use Guam as a live fire exercise…and effectively remove America’s footprint in the Pacific, gaining a pre-existing base.

    Or, Kim could try lobbing one of his rockets that way.

  4. Marjorie, me thinks that North Korea, like George Orwell’s ‘War of Oceana and Eurasia’ are an attention-diverting hoax? A red herring to create a ‘boogieman’ that of course, the facts cannot be easily checked because of the distance of geography, culture, language and politics from the proletariat and also it is a closed country. A superb red herring like ‘The Saudi Link to 9/11’ which Dr. Judy Woods scientifically proves was a NASA D.E.W or Directed Energy Weapon of cold radiation Tritiam to turn the buildings to dust. So perpetuating ‘The Saudi Link’ or ‘North Korea Shenangans’ is just BBC Disinformation ‘The Wars of Oceana and Eurasia’ of countries and wars that did not exist…Mmm

    • Sharon, Heaven preserve us, do you never think anything is real? What a weird world you must live in. Try googling paranoia on wiki. I’m sure they have pills which would help you with the condition.

      • One of the tenants in my apt complex claimed such stories to be true: “My 12th house is loaded with all my planets. i’m so psychic.” Took her 12 guesses to finally nail my sign. She was into chemtrails, promoted flouride poisoning of the population was a govt mind-control scheme, pronounced people living on comets come to rescue us, and much more.

        She finally moved away.

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