North and Saint West – destined for Jupiterian heights and problems



Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s two children were born: North West (a girl) 15 June 2013 5.34am Los Angeles; and Saint West (a boy) 5 December 2015 6.13 am, LA.

Both have very complicated charts with strong Jupiters on the angles.

North has Sun Jupiter on her Ascendant so will view her father in a rosy light as a confidence-giver. She also has a 4th house Moon which does suggest family and father are experienced as reasonably stable elements in her life. Her Moon opposes Neptune on her MC square an 12th house Mars – so mother will be needy, inaccessible at times and angry; though also possessive with a Moon trine Pluto. She has a wide Water Grand Trine of a 5th house Saturn in Scorpio trine Neptune trine Venus (Mercury) in Cancer, formed into a Kite by Venus Mercury opposition Pluto, making her self-protective, creative, talented, intense, probably designed for a business role in the entertainment business with Saturn in the 5th. Her Pluto opposition squares onto Uranus so she’ll be innovative, rebellious, a fairly disruptive force, though caring with Neptune on her MC.

Saint has Jupiter in Virgo on his midheaven, so lucky in life and in his career. He’s quite defensive with Saturn in Sagittarius on his Ascendant conjunct his Sun. His Sun Mercury in Sag square his Jupiter so he’ll be an odd mix of laid-back and overly serious. He experiences his mother as the more confident of his parents though a bit of a drama queen. His father comes across as Saturn Neptune so more unstable,. And with an explosive Uranus opposition Mars (Moon) in Libra square Pluto in the 2nd, he’ll inherit both of his parents’ volatile temperaments. He’ll channel his energies into making money, perhaps the music end of the business with a rock n’ roll Uranus in the 5th and a needs-an-audience 10th house Moon.

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