No Time to Die – dogged by the fickle fates


An unfortunate title and a delayed release due to the virus are only the latest in a line of mishaps to blight the 25th James Bond movie. Production was put back when director Danny Boyle baled early on over script differences and was replaced by director Cary Joji Fukanaga and new writers. Daniel Craig, back reluctantly for his final Bond outing, injured an ankle during shooting and a controlled explosion damaged the stage at Pinewood and left a crew member with minor injuries.

Principal Photography finally got under way on 28 April 2019 in Jamaica on an incident-prone Sun Uranus conjunction; and a sticky Mercury square Saturn Pluto; plus an over-hopeful and confused Mars opposition Jupiter square Neptune.

When it launches in the UK on November 12th (if it does) then tr Neptune will be square the Mars till late month which although it could boost filmic matters given that Neptune rules the movie business, could also suggest failure. And that is around in 2021 as well. Plus tr Uranus will be exactly conjunct the Sun for a jangle and more surprises.

Daniel Craig, 2 March 1968, a Pisces Sun with a hard-edged Mars Saturn in Aries is equally into a Neptunian slump over the next two years, so not too vibrant.

Producer Barbara Broccoli, 18 June 1960 9.55am Santa Monica, CA, is understandably nerve-stretched, gloomy and off-balance through most of this year though from late November, coinciding with the USA release, she picks up a lucky tr Pluto square her Jupiter/Uranus midpoint for a few weeks which might point to a reasonable box office.

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