New York, Washington State and California – in dire need of more than promises

National Guard troops will be deployed to the three states hardest hit by the coronavirus outbreak – New York, Washington state and California. But governors and mayors are tearing their hair out over shortage of medical equipment which has been blithely promised by Trump and his team but  not yet materialised. New York’s Bill de Blasio said supplies could run out within days. He has repeatedly attacked Trump for not invoking the Defense Production Act to force private companies to make more supplies; and has said the city needs three million N-95 masks, 50 million surgical masks, 15,000 ventilators and 25 million sets of gowns, gloves and other protective equipment. “If we don’t get ventilators this week we are going to lose lives we could have saved — I can’t be blunter than that,” he said.

Both the New York state, 26 July 1788, and New York Inc, 1 January 1898, charts are worrisome and not just for this year. NY Inc has the enthusiasm and confidence-denting Solar Arc Saturn opposition Jupiter now and that continues in amplified form in 2021 as Solar Arc Saturn squares the NY Sun; with undermining Neptune transits to midpoints at the moment, more in 2021, and further on till mid decade. So it’ll be a slow recovery. The NY State chart, is jolted and jangled now with Solar Arc Saturn square Uranus; and panicked with tr Neptune opposition Mars plus turbulent transits to midpoints. Though there will be some rays of sunshine breaking through with a couple of Jupiter midpoints holding up enthusiasm in 2020/21. Until there’s another flattening Saturnine down in 2023.

Seattle Inc, 2 December 1869, has the illness and panic-prone tr Neptune square Saturn this year and Solar Arc Neptune square Saturn in 2021; there’ll be some upbeat news in 2021 but alongside more downers.

Washington state, 11 November 1889, has the same pattern of upheavals, disruptions and acute frustrations from 2020 to late 2022; with a few moments of stardust in 2021.

California, 9 September 1850, is in a grimly determined mood in 2020/21 with tr Pluto square the hardship Saturn/Pluto midpoint and unsettled Saturn/Uranus midpoint; with some Neptunian dips as well. They are heading for a difficult 2023/24 when tr Pluto squares the Uranus Pluto, though that could be natural disasters and not a pandemic hangover. Though the economic damage is likely to be felt for a number of years.

Trump’s Administration chart is at its most unstable at the moment with the Solar Arc Pluto having moved to close the square to Uranus to exact; with a discouraging setback and depressed mood from tr Saturn coming to square the Admin Sun from today onwards till early April as it moves into Aquarius, returning mid June till early July; with an emotional shock or a voter revolt in June as well from tr Uranus opposition the Admin Moon; and that repeats late September to late October.

The blustering, bragging loudmouths – Trump and Boris and Brazil’s Bolsonaro – are the least well-equipped to cope with a crisis. All talk of the Churchillian spirit appears to have disappeared down a sink hole. Not only are they faced with actual, hard knock-on-wood reality – a scenario they can’t spin; they are, even worse, being forced to face the unpalatable truth that they aren’t in control which wounds their narcissism.

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  1. Data wonk Harry Enten was explaining that Trump’s approval rating may have improved with the general public due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) given that many Americans tend to ridiculously wrap themselves in the flag whenever there’s crisis. BUT…here’s the bad news for Trump: Harry Enten also mentioned that the economic favors haven’t been weighed in to many of these polls yet. So, as we sink deeper into a recession (and the data suggests even if Trump tries to reopen everything to protect the Dow Jones, that isn’t going to be enough to rectify the economic crisis), Trump’s approval ratings will likely be lower. In other words, history could be repeating itself: Jimmy Carter had a significantly high approval rating during and after the Iran Hostage Crisis of 1979…but he was not a popular President and the economic situation did lead him to losing reelection in 1980.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

    • His approval ratings are still holding up. I despair of America, I really do. I remember friends saying they’d emigrate if GWB got in (twice) and he seems amiable in comparison, despite the hideous mess left behind by his cohorts, Cheney and Rumsfeld.

      • What fresh hell is going on with the diehards? They’ve now resorted to attacking and insulting Fauci, medical experts in general and now all doctors for being upstarts and to paraphrase, “thinking they know more than the President”. I’m aghast – a breeze block knows more than the President for goodness sake.

        • They have some of the smartest people on the planet in the US but also large herds of without question the dumbest. Thick as whale poop and laughed at around the world as Dumbf*ckisthan….

      • @ Marjorie,

        Trump’s approval ratings haven’t exactly been holding up across the board. According to most of the data analysts, his polling has actually been falling flat. Joe Biden has consistently held a 7 point lead over Trump for months now in virtually every national poll….and in polls conducted in the major swing states.

        Also, many of the polls that had Trump’s approval rating at 45% were conducted before 70 million people were affected by the unemployment due to COVID-19 concerns.

    • @ Sue,

      Having Pluto and Jupiter trining one’s Midheaven may not be enough for Trump. I’m thinking this aspect could manifest itself a little differently. Perhaps this aspect could make his cult followers feel more positive about him (since they seem to be brainwashed anyway) but it may not win him any additional support. From my understanding, Jupiter can also lead to blind optimism at times….and we all know Trump is often delusional about things.

  2. Hello Marjorie, The WA state governor has daily fireside chats which, to many, is a refreshing change to the Trumpian backpats. In my city, info is difficult to filter. Are we in lockdown or not? Will the Natl Guard establish roadblocks demanding notes from mommy that allow me to buy cat food and litter?

    Boeing has closed its Renton and Everett sites for 14 days. For a wonder, the roads are free from Boeing traffic snarls. Too bad that the bars are closed; Boeing people have nowhere to vent and drink away their tears. For a company which pays its CEO 60 mil after he left the company due to the 737 max crashes, now demands a $60 billion bailout.

    Besides eggs, TP, and kleenex, another item on the tough to buy list up here is…gun ammo. I’m deemed a essential worker…working as a cash register clerk. While it’s low pay, better than drinking the issues into the ground.

  3. Very relieved there is now a lockdown in the UK. People are being impossible! I snapped today, and told someone he really had to think of others when he said oh, I’ll be fine….It’s not just herd immunity, but our sense of taking care of each other that matters. Aquarius? There is so much amazing inventiveness and dedication, yet rather too much idiocy right now.

  4. Marjorie,
    Any thoughts on NY Governor Andrew Cuomo born 6 December 1957 in New York, NY.
    He’s playing a blinder at the moment.

    • He is SO Italian. His banters with his family, especially exchanges with “kid brother” Chris, are something everybody who is of Southern Italian origin or has lived with a family of Southern Italian origin will immediately recognize and love. You know these people will vent their frustrations, but ultimately walk into fire for their families and communities. Nancy Pelosi is definitely of the same ink.

      I also looked at his planets quickly, and he seems to have slightly cuspy chart, with Moon and Venus falling to a cusp. I think, however, that he is a Gemini Moon, because a Taurus Moon is not possible in Americas for a December 6th date. Somehow think he is a very late Venus in Capricorn rather than early Venus in Aquarius, because this would definitely explain him going from “son of” to a true star during a time of crisis and rather late in the life. Another explainer: Scorpio Mars. Probably the best position there is for a crisis management.

  5. In Finland, we just opened our war time safety deposites. Millions, and I mean millions of masks plus I guess thousands of ventilators. Sometimes being extremely paranoid about a geopolitical crisis involving a neighbor is a good thing.

    Also, about 700 accertained cases, 13 (!) people in intensive care and one death and people scream too little is done too late.

  6. Mean while in “Keep Calm anf Carry On” Britain BoJo just went from everything goes to closing down everything. Panicky much? Because Brittish ERs must now be swarming with healthy, 30ish males who were on those football matches two weeks ago I mentioned then, and are now going to respiratory arrest? This is a freaking Dunkirk of public health management.

  7. I don’t care what anybody says, Donald Trump will NOT win reelection this year. Karma has finally made her presence known and she’s ringing in loud.and clear.

    Trump was already horrible long before all of this, but the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is now forcing his deplorable supporters to face reality because this pandemic is having an impact on everyone’s lives including them.

    Even though I’m more confident than ever that Biden will be elected this November and Trump will be gone, it’s still awful that so many lives have been lost due to COVID-19 and the world economy is pretty much in shambles right now as a result of this pandemic.

    I was reading that Italy and Iran are currently two of the hardest hit countries regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19)….neither country is showing any real signs of improvement. I know since Italy has an aging population and one of the world’s lowest fertility rates, COVID-19 has had a ruthless impact on them. As for Iran, it is still somewhat politically isolated and the sanctions against them aren’t helping matters during this time.I

    Here in Florida (where won’t 1,000 cases of COVID-19 have now been reported), DeSantis has threatened to enforce a statewide lockdown to try reduce the impact of COVID-19. All seating areas in restaurants and other public places here I. Florida have been ordered to close. However, takeout options and meal deliveries are still available. All stores (including grocery stores) have.deduced their opening hours for the time being and some businesses like Publix Super Markets is even dedicating the the first few hours of the day strictly to senior citizen shoppers aged 65 and older (which I think is really nice thing to do).

    Anyway, the Coronavirus has certainly been relentless and it’s been disrupting everyone’s lives…but the impact would probably be less intense if more people were willing to comply with the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, etc. guidelines and standards.

    I work with the public, but I still follow all of the necessary precautions, I self-quarantine at hom when I’m not at work, I always wash my hands continuously, I wear a face mask of I’m around a lot of people, and I check my temperature every few hours. These are really things everyone should be doing….but I still see so many people acting like they’re invensible.

    Chris Romero
    Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

    • Chris, I think you are right. I am not certain it will be Biden, either, but it certainly will be people bringing The US out of this mess.

    • Well Chris I’m hoping and praying you are correct. I said to my husband today that I have a gut feeling that this crisis is going to show Trump in his true colours and that it will finish him. Exceptional leadership qualities are needed at a time like this and these populist personalities do not have the wherewithal to show the compassion, rhetoric or empathy that the public will need to get through these harrowing times. See also the way he responded to Mitt Romney’s self-isolation.

      The incoherent word salads delivered by Trump at his press conferences should be damning evidence for all to see.

  8. In New Zealand the PM Jacinda Ardern has delivered a swift lockdown for 4 weeks with a potential ongoing if required. Everyone is aware of what to do and her government has set up. Most people won’t be able to work, however everyone will be paid, even charities, NGO’s and self-employed people.

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