Nazanin Ratcliffe – a charitable Virgo held hostage by Iran



An Iranian/British citizen, who works for the Thomson Reuters Foundation is being held in Iran by Revolutionary Guards in what appears to be an effort to strong-arm the UK authorities into diplomatic acquiescence over some deal or other. Her health has deteriorated badly after a spell in solitary confinement and the Foreign Office is, as per usual, dragging its heels. Nazarin Ratcliffe went on holiday to Teheran in April with her two year old daughter, was arrested with no charges and no lawyer, and her daughter handed over to her grandparents and is now being denounced for spying and trying to overturn the government.

Born 16 September 1978 she’s a Sun Virgo square Neptune, with Saturn Mercury in Virgo sextile Venus Uranus in Scorpio – hard-working, communicative, idealistic.  Her ‘victim’ 12th Harmonic is strong. She’ll get some cheer from tr Pluto trine her Mars/Jupiter in September; but it looks a rocky road ahead with tr Neptune square tr Saturn in hard aspect to her Mercury this year; and a risky start to 2017 with tr Uranus opposition her Mars/Pluto.

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