Naomi Campbell – a force of nature reinvented


Naomi Campbell, for three decades a super-visible supermodel, has found a new lease of life as a digital media phenomenon, sharing her daily workouts, fronting a new makeup line, and taping “No Filter” interviews with old friends and colleagues like Sharon Stone, Marc Jacobs and Cindy Crawford for her “Being Naomi” You Tube channel.

Born 22 May 1970 1am London, England, with a professional dancer mother and an unknown father who jumped ship before she was born, she was brought up partly in Italy. She had a reputation for being tantrum-prone and there have been several assault charges against her over the years but she seems to have mellowed considerably. André Leon Talley, once called “a self-made cyclone of energy, style and drama.”

She has a Gemini Sun opposition Neptune on her Midheaven, so she’s creative, slippery, sometimes helpful. Her 10th house colourful Sagittarius Moon has only one aspect in sextile to an 8th house Uranus – so not domesticated though she credits her mother in particular but also other strong women in her family for her ability to thrive and survive.  She’s had a string of high-profile liaisons which isn’t surprising with a passionate Mars and Venus in Gemini in her romantic 5th house. But those two planets also square an 8th house Pluto for deep-seated anger issues and intense frustrations which may have been what sent her into a cocaine and alcohol addiction (though modelling is a very druggy business).

Uranus Pluto in the 8th would make emotional stability tricky for her and it would be ramped up by the squares to Mars. But for all the difficulties she’s had a fair streak of luck with her Jupiter in the much-travelled 9th trine her Venus Mars – Jupiter Venus is common amongst high-fashion types attracting them to glossy exteriors.

She has had questionable associations with Epstein for one (another Mars Venus type) and war criminal and former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor (a Venus opposition Mars), which latter emerged at his Hague trial with questions over his present to her of blood diamonds.

Although she’s firing on all cylinders at the moment she does have a late Capricorn Ascendant which tr Saturn is about to dip below from 2021 onwards which will lower her motivation and ambition and her ability to succeed as easily. With an undermining tr Neptune square her Mars in 2021 as well; and moving on to oppose her Pluto and then square her Venus through till mid decade. Neptune can be a healing planet but tends not to support ego-driven ambitions. And there may be financial implications as well with tr Neptune moving through her 2nd, so perhaps unwise investments causing her some worry. This year and next year’s Eclipses will also rattle her performing and career planets, so she will be up and down. Though she’ll be raring to go in 2022/23 with tr Pluto square her Jupiter.

Photo: Georges Biard

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  1. Mars in Gemini square Pluto – her weapon of choice has been a mobile phone in the past…..
    There is an exact Venus quincunx Neptune aspect – both located in the final degree of their respective signs which is not bad for the idealisation of beauty.

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