Nancy Pelosi – a formidable opponent



Nancy Pelosi has been making her presence felt since stepping up to become Speaker in the Democrat majority Congress by saying No firmly to Trump. She’s an experienced and seasoned politician having been first elected in 1987 and is the only woman to have been Speaker.

Born 26 March 1940 she’s a determined Sun Aries trine Pluto; with her Pluto in an immoveable square to Saturn in Taurus as well as a determined sextile to Mars in stubborn Taurus. Her Mars is almost exactly conjunct Trump’s Midheaven and both are conjunct the destructive Fixed Star Algol – so she’s definitely competitive and combative where he’s concerned. He’ll find her slippery with her Neptune squaring his Sun and Moon; but the same applies in reverse as her Sun opposes his Neptune.

Their relationship chart has a composite Pluto in an intense square to the Mercury and widely square the Sun – so an ongoing tussle for the upper hand and the last word. Plus a game-playing (who can outdo the other) Mars Jupiter conjunction which is under a Saturnine dark cloud for most of this year. There will be a considerable turnaround in their relationship with a major upset in June, late September/October this year and early 2020 as tr Uranus squares the composite Pluto.

On her personal chart, she looks less upbeat in 2020/2021 with various hopes dashed, plans not working out, and career losses.

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5 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi – a formidable opponent

  1. Pelosi played her cards extremely well for today! President Drompf caved-in to reopen the govt. For a little while only.

    It’s all backsliding for the GOP from here.

  2. That’s a lot of fixed placements! Her Moon is in Scorpio and she has Venus, Mars, Uranus and Neptune all in Taurus, with Pluto in Leo. She was born around the time of the start of WW2. That makes her a tough, enduring, no nonsense political operator. I wouldn’t want to cross her. Trump might have met his match. In terms of her transits, Jupiter in Sagittarius is giving her a lift now, but I think she’ll hit a bit of an impasse in the early 2020’s, when Saturn moves into Aquarius and starts to put pressure on her Taurus, Leo and Scorpio placements. Uranus by then will be moving deeper into Taurus. That will likely be a difficult time for quite a few people, probably a bad economy and some political dislocations happening in that timeframe. The lunar eclipse of earlier this week in Leo was almost exactly conjunct her Pluto and squaring her Saturn in Taurus. So a definite high stress period for her, she’s definitely at the center of political manipulations.

    • Actually didn’t catch this, but this was around the time both Hitler and Stalin had to take a breath after their early successes. Didn’t last long, but still…

  3. She will be turning 80 in 2020 (and who would believe that?), so maybe astrology won’t apply to her anymore at that point? That said, I honestly think she won’t seek renomination in 2020, after bringing Trump down. Dianne Feinstein is 85, but the constant campaigning going on with Congress seat is arguably more tiring than 6-year-stint in Senate. She will leave after this term, too, I think.

    In the mean while, she is definitely eroding Trump Presidency. People have been expecting Trump to go out with a bang, a Mueller Investigation Bombshell or a health issue, maybe because how flamboyant he is. But really, it now seems it’s people not buying WH narrative on security issues on Southern Boarder over missing paychecks that’ll turn the tide. This week has been practically the first time we saw any significant drop in his Republican base approval ratings (and his polling among Independents is abyssimal). And, although Democrat proposal on Boarder Wall did not pass in Senate, 6 Republican Senators voted with Democrats, among them Mitt Romney. This is not a popular idea among their constituents, for sure.

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