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Trump’s executive order to ban entry to travellers from seven Muslim-majority countries – Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen – which has been causing global criticism and chaos at airports with conflicting instructions from department heads  – was signed at 4.27pm January 2017. Countries such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt, who produced the majority of the 9/11 terrorists; and Algeria and Tunisia, responsible in part for the recent European ISIS atrocities are not included.

There’s a New Moon in Aquarius in the 7th, which is unaspected apart from a semi-sextile to a muddled Neptune in the 8th. There’s a hard-edged Saturn square a 9th house Mars Venus. The 9th refers to foreign countries and travel and Saturn puts blocks and delays in the way of movement. The divisive and disruptive Uranus MC opposes Jupiter in the 4th squaring onto Pluto Mercury in the 6th. Arguably Jupiter in the 4th points to safe domestic space; though with employment consequences onto the 6th; and fierce arguments from Mercury Pluto.

The 7th house New Moon is odd – it suggests vulnerability and need of relationship support, which given that it’s likely to result in less support is counter-productive. With the Node in the 2nd opposition the 8th house Neptune there may be financial consequences.

It’s initially only a 120 day ban; but, if extended, it’ll run into real problems late this year as tr Saturn squares Mars exactly, and be facing a complete turnaround come 2018 with tr Pluto square Uranus.

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  1. I have added a footnote to Stephen Bannon below which might make more sense of the machine gun exec orders hurtling out and causing mayhem.

  2. Nigel Farage commented that the list of countries reported in the press isn’t Trump’s but comes from US Congress and Obama’s Dept. of Homeland Security. I checked and he is right. The 7 countries are listed in The Omnibus Appropriations Act 2015 and Trump has taken it upon himself to increase an existing policy. As an informed journalist points out ‘There was a kind of Muslim ban before the Muslim ban’ As the policy was already in place and has just been extended does this change the astrology, Marjorie?

    • Grace, Nigel Farage is not an expert on the US government. An Omnibus Appropriations Act only deals with money, which gives an agency or program its budget. How you came up with a list of countries in a Homeland Security budget appropriation bill is mystifying. Homeland Security is not “Obamas”, it was started under Bush. What you are writing about would come under the control of the State Department.

      • Sgt.Peppa. I know he isn’t an expert but it was information that hadn’t been reported and seemed pertinent so I checked it. It appeared under The OA Act and then ‘Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act’ so Farage was right and the list was already in existence. I see the BBC have caught up.Interesting that you refer to Homeland Security as Bush’s responsibility. Perhaps, I should have said that it was drawn up under Obama’s administration. Yes, Larry the omission of Saudi Arabia is hugely relevant and I don’t remember a furore as big as the one we have now when they were in the UK on a state visit in 2007. Bottom of the pile for Women’s rights amongst other things.

        • Greta, I like you so much, I put this on Grace! Grace, I like you so much I have conjured you out of thin air! Where am I? What day is this? The whirlwind of Trump world has me spinning.

    • Larryc, the top ten billionaires made an additional 16 billion solely from the measures Trump approved in his first WEEK. Yep, I’ shouting that, its so crazy.

      This site shows how Trump voters feel about his first week: Pre-Trump tweets/after-Trump tweets.

  3. That NM is on the Mars-Saturn midpoint of Trump’s inaguration chart.And the angles for the NM chart when cast for Washington,DC are the same as Trump’s natal ASC & MC.I have no idea what the latter means but that NM on the Mars-Saturn can’t bode well.

    • Trump’s Mars/Saturn midpoint is exactly conjunct his 12th house Pluto at 10 Leo, which Ebertin describes as brutality, destruction, intervention of a Higher Power (we wish!). And the USA 1776 North Node is at 6 Leo – so the (selective) Muslim ban, excepting those countries he does business with – sits in opposition to the USA leadership North Node. The late Jan 2018 Lunar Eclipse in Leo/Aquarius at 11 degrees will rattle all of the above. As will the late July 2018 Lunar Eclipse at 4 Aquarius/Leo which is tied into Uranus and Mars so explosive. ISIS have already indicated how delighted they are with the ban and Trump has lied (again) about it being similar to Obama’s Iraq refugee ban in 2011 – which didn’t exist. Obama merely asked for further vetting after two entrants were found to have been involved in terrorist activity.

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