Mossack Fonseca – embarassing leak

A leak worthy of Snowden or Assange of eleven million documents from the secretive Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca has revealed how tax havens are used to hide the wealth of prominent politicians, world leaders, celebrities and even Brinks’ Mat robbers. The company says it has operated beyond reproach for 40 years and has never been charged with criminal wrong-doing. Many of the manoeuvres used did seem to be within the letter of the law, apart from the ones involved in money laundering. But it will create major embarassment.

The firm was started in 1977 by Ramon Fonseca, 14 July 1952; and Jurgen Mossack, 20 March 1948.

Mossack is a last degree Sun Pisces on the point of a T Square to an ‘adventurous’ Jupiter in Sagittarius opposition Uranus; with Venus in acquisitive Taurus square Pluto Saturn Mars in Leo giving him formidable determination.

Fonseca is a Sun Cancer conjunct Uranus on one side and Venus on the other square Neptune; with Jupiter in Taurus square Pluto. He may have a T Square from an Aries Moon opposition Neptune square Sun. So not that dissimilar with an accentuated Water Sun; and driving ambition for success and money from Jupiter in Taurus square Pluto. Both have strong 9th Harmonics, often found in charts of those who crave wealth.

Mossack has tr Uranus in hard aspect to his Venus square Pluto Saturn Mars in its Solar Arc positions from now onwards into 2017, so an upsetting time. Fonseca has tr Uranus square his Sun, trine Pluto; and tr Pluto opposition his Uranus this year – so a major upheaval.

The Iceland Prime Minister Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson, 12 March 1975, has been revealed as a client though is refusing to resign. He’s a Sun Moon Jupiter in Pisces with a wide Yod of Mars sextile Neptune inconjunct Saturn in Cancer which usually suggests a karmic kickback at some point through life unless handled with maturity.

He was sworn in on 23 May 2013 which has an ineffectual/evasive Sun square Neptune, now drawn to exact at the moment. He’ll be bullish but there are more upsets to come for him across mid year and on.

David Cameron’s late father has been named as a client when he ran an off-shore fund based in the Bahamas. DC isn’t involved personally but he doesn’t need any more bad publicity or disasters at the moment and he has tr Neptune opposing his Mars/Saturn midpoint running from April 10th to early June which is very debilitating.

Vladimir Putin’s close associates are named in the leak with suggestions of an alleged money-laundering ring. The Kremlin dismiss it as smears; while Russian activists say that while the detail is interesting it only tells them what they always knew. Putin’s ‘best friend’ cellist Sergei Roldugin, 28 September 1952, is allegedly ‘secret caretaker’ of Putin’s wealth. Many off-shore schemes work with beneficial names, masking the real identity of the owner.

Roldugin is surprisingly similar to Putin in that both are Sun Saturn Neptune in Libra; Roldugin has Mars Pluto in Leo conjunct Putin’s Leo and trine Putin’s Mars in Sagittarius. Their relationship does look to be highly unsettled this year and on.

Putin himself has tr Pluto square Saturn at the moment and tr Uranus aiming to oppose his Neptune from late this month – so highly strung and hard going.

There are some faint wobbles on his Presidency chart but it’s unlikely to make much of a dent to his position. Apart from a high-tension tr Uranus opposition Saturn from late June this year.

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  1. Interesting, thank you. The scale of the greed is astonishing. However, sadly, it’s not a shocking revelation, is it? Just confirms what we all knew. Apparently George Osbourne left an interview that pressed him on whether he benefits from offshore funds, there are no words.

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