Miss France – making root canals more appealing

A fifth year dental student has become Miss France. Iris Mittenaere, born 25 January 1993, Lille, has Sun Mercury conjunct in Aquarius and Saturn also in scientific Aquarius. She’s got a feisty Mars in Cancer opposition Uranus Neptune in Capricorn square a confident lucky Jupiter in Libra. Plus a super-charming Venus in Pisces trine Pluto.

Drilling teeth may have to take a backseat for a while as tr Pluto moves square her Jupiter through 2016 – which is exact now as she wins – which will boost her confidence and bring both money and luck. Though it won’t all be a smooth run since tr Uranus is still square her Uranus Neptune which is highly strung and edgy; then tr Pluto will move to square her Mars midpoints to Uranus Neptune in 2016 as well, bringing some panicky moments.

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