Donald Trump – will the strain get to him?

This may be clutching at straws but Donald Trump’s 6th house of health ruler Uranus does square his Saturn from late May through June 2016 which is high tension. If the predisposition or vulnerability is there, it could lead to health problems such as heart.

He’s also got a run of tr Uranus in hard aspect to three Mars midpoints from May almost continuously till November which can also suggest high insecurity, over-taxing strength and in certain cases could also suggest heart strain.

His Solar Return from June 2016 has Pluto in the 6th which is heavy health-wise; with restrictions on his platform exuberance with an afflicted Saturn in his 5th.

So could be. With tr Pluto square his Jupiter from March onwards he’s certainly going over the score and pushing with overwhelming over-confidence. He’s got no earth in his chart so won’t have any sense of what his body’s limits are.

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