Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s Jupiterian ideals – can they triumph over Putin?

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the Russian oligarch who spent 10 years in a Russian jail after saying he would run against Putin, is now ensconced in London. The invasion of the Crimea made him break his promise to himself and his family not to re-enter politics. He says he is the anti-Putin and wants to replace him with a democracy; and is ready when Putin topples to step into the breach. He has given himself ten years for this to happen. Though the possibility of an assassination must always be an ever present concern.

Born 26 June 1963, he’s a Sun Cancer with Uranus (Moon) Pluto Mars in Virgo so not short of determination or courage. He’s also got a Yod of Mars sextile Neptune inconjunct Jupiter, which if handled well could allow him to pursue ideals which would have a favourable effect on his society. Though over-confidence and foolhardiness could be a downside.

Despite his brave words, he doesn’t look to be making much headway this year with tr Neptune opposition his Mars Pluto with tr Saturn square Mars Pluto; and a sinking Solar Arc Neptune opposition Sun this year into 2017 as well. Mishaps aside, he’ll be pushing on nonetheless with tr Pluto square his focal point Jupiter till the end of 2017.

His Saturn in Aquarius opposes Putin’s controlling Pluto MC – so it will be an unyielding battle of opposing attitudes. MK’s Mars Pluto and Uranus also fall in Putin’s 10th (9.30am birth time) which would also suggest a tussle for power.

Their relationship chart has an explosive and at cross-purposes Mars Neptune square. There is a definite shift in their relationship this year as Khodorkovsky comes out of the shadows with tr Uranus trine the composite Sun. But it’ll be 2019/2020 when (all being equal) that trouble really brews between them, as tr Uranus then in Taurus starts to oppose the composite Mars Neptune, at the run up to the next Presidential election.

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