Mike Pence – his eye on the crown



Mike Pence is the fallback Plan B for the White House if Trump were to fall off his perch for whatever reason, impeachment being the least likely since it would need a two-thirds vote in the Republican controlled senate.

Pence does pick up tr Pluto sextile his Jupiter in Scorpio from February 2020 for two years which will bring confidence and a degree of success, though it could always be success in a different sphere since Scorpio tends to be money-minded. However running at the same time is one catastrophic midpoint transit, so not all good. This year he has the droopy, undermining tr Neptune square his Gemini Sun until late January 2020; and a fair number of jolts and jangles from, tr Uranus square his Venus from March onwards, trine his Pluto, then square his Mars, opposition his Neptune and trine his Saturn up to mid year, repeating from mid September onwards – so there will be change, insecurity, anxiety and high tension. It’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that he gets dragged into the Mueller Investigation.

His relationship chart with Trump is a sight to behold with an extreme-control composite Mars Pluto very marked, giving rise to bitter underlying resentment; and a slippery Neptune. There’s confusion aplenty through this year with tr Pluto square the composite Neptune and worse in 2020 with tr Neptune square the composite Sun. With a feeling of relief mid 2019, again early 2020.

The puzzle in the Pence jigsaw is wife Karen, whose religious zealotry isn’t a good match with Trump antics. She’s a stalwart Sun, Venus, Jupiter in Scorpio opposition Mars in Taurus square Uranus so is no one’s pushover.  If gossip is correct she was never that politically ambitious and regarded the VP as all hubby’s wish and doing.

She looks edgy in the extreme over this New Year; and although confident now and in 2019 is also kicking against restrictions and not altogether content. Her relationship with her better half is undergoing the same shifts and upsets as his personal chart through this year.

Handling Nancy Pelosi would be no easier for Pence than for Trump with a relationship chart in which one-upmanship power struggles are central, along with aggravations and an inability to share the same space without arguing.

Though Mike Pence’s problems with Pelosi pale into insignificance compared to Karen with Nancy, which is a hotbed of hostility and dislike – that relationship chart has a composite Pluto opposition Saturn Venus square Mars, and it doesn’t get much worse than that. Both are formidably strong women with Mars in Taurus. 2020/2021 will see them facing off with clenched teeth as tr Pluto trines the composite Mars.

There are times when it would be easier if astrology were clairvoyance producing a few helpful pictures of events to come, rather than a morass of possibilities and maybes.


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  1. Pence was introduced to Trump by Manafort so there is likely some sort of Russian connection. Word on the street says Pence will be removed from office before Trump.

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