Michael Savage – venting his spleen from a lousy childhood



An even wilder conservative talk show host than Ingraham, Michael Savage has been heavily criticised because of his virulent comments against homosexuality, Islam, feminism, sex education, and immigration. He’s barred from UK for “seeking to provoke others to serious criminal acts and fostering hatred.” He thinks liberalism and progressivism are destroying the US, is against big government, wants an English-only policy.

Born 31 March 1942 6.30am Bronx, NY to Russian Jewish immigrant parents, he had a difficult childhood ‘beneath the tyranny ‘ of a bullying father which he says taught him to hate. In his early adult life he mixed with counter-culture figures like Allen Ginsberg and Timothy Leary and harboured ambitions of becoming another Lenny Bruce. He likes to shock.

He has an Aries Sun just below his Ascendant, so definitely upfront and in your face; with his Sun trine an attention-demanding 5th house Pluto. He has an aggressively excitable Mars Jupiter in his communication 3rd. on the focal point of a T square to Mercury in Pisces opposition A Virgo North Node. A Mutable Mars on the focal point tends to be dynamic and disorganised, overly scattered, going off like a machine-gun especially in the 3rd.    His Moon Neptune in Virgo trine a stubborn and can-be-autocratic Saturn Uranus in Taurus.

His Sun is square his Mars/Pluto midpoint with Venus and Saturn also in aspect to Mars/Pluto so he runs on anger and bile.

Tr Neptune are this year squaring his Mars and Jupiter and on into 2019, and conjunct his Solar Arc MC, so less sure of himself. With 2019 seeing a major disruption with tr Uranus square his Pluto and tr Saturn in a downbeat square to his Sun and also opposing his Mars/Pluto – running into a road-block which will enrage him.

I’m lost for words. The UK may be a  mess but he wouldn’t be given air space anywhere.


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  1. Hi Marj, Wondering if you know Joyce Hopewell, an astrologer with Hopewell Publishing. She works with Huber-style astrology.
    This article on Michael Savage, reminds me of the Family Model in Huber astrology. In Huber astrology, the father is indicated by the planet Sun, the mother by the planet Saturn(mom sets the rules), and child is indicated by the Moon, the child’s emotional state.
    So in your chart of Michael Savage, he is represented by the Moon in Virgo in 6th House, and his mother by Saturn Capricorn in 2nd House….Moon trines Saturn exactly, he got along well with his mother.
    For the father….”tyranny of a bullying father who taught him to hate”. So in Huber astrology we have Sun, his father, quindeciles Moon(Michael Savage)….his father had an intense affect on his emotions.
    Sun Aries sextiles Black Moon Lilith, Mars, Jupiter in the 3rd of learning, teaching with BML and Mars signifying “hate” and Jupiter, ruler of teaching i.e. taught him.
    So in summary Marj, what are your opinions on Huber astrology and its Family Model?

    • Hi, Sorry not familiar with it. I came up the Liz Greene way which is psychological and helpful for family dynamics.

  2. Oh vey! This is chart is so indicative of what this person is. Mercury in Pisces opposing Moon/Neptune in Virgo alone is indicative of total confusion about one’s emotional responses to intellectual stimulus. And then that Mars in Gemini joined by Jupiter 3rd house… I have a Gemini Jupiter myself, conjunct MC on 9th house side, and while I am a quick learner, I struggle majorly with concentration. Make that “quicksilver” 3rd house and add a Mars to the mix, and I can tell this guy has it ten times harder I have.

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