Michael Flynn – another domino about to fall



Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser, will be sentenced on 18 December, more than a year after he pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russia during the presidential transition. Flynn has been a key co-operator in Mueller’s investigation but prosecutors have yet to reveal the extent of his cooperation, which will probably come out this coming week. Flynn admitted to lying during an FBI interview about the content of his conversations with Sergey Kislyak, Russia’s ambassador to the US. According to his plea, he discussed US sanctions with Kislyak on Trump’s behalf during the presidential transition and said members of the president’s inner circle were aware of, and in some cases directing, his efforts.

There’s now a possible birth date for Flynn – 5 December 1958 (net sources) Rhodes Island. That makes him a Sun Sagittarius conjunct Venus with Mercury Saturn also in Sagittarius. He’s also got a pushily determined and opportunistic Mars in Taurus opposition Jupiter square Uranus, which is reckless and risk-taking.

Tr Neptune is in an undermining square to his Sun through this month and December until the New Year as he hears his fate; with a devastating Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Neptune coming anytime soon as well. And not looking cheerful ahead.

His relationship chart with Trump (data being accurate) is in a state of high confusion from mid December, on and off till late 2019; with further dips from April 2019 onwards with tr Neptune opposition the composite Sun.


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  1. An interesting tidbit I think WaPo had on Flynn Sentencing Memo: they say people close to Flynn would have preferred him not to collaborate as extensively as he did. I guess they mean his conspiracy touting son. I’m reluctant of calling anyone a moron, but this Junior even tops Trump’s lot in that he continued Twitter nonsense well after his father was revealed to have reached a plea deal. So, I guess that now that Flynn is unlikely to go to prison, some of that “unhappiness” could come from family.

  2. The relationship chart between Pence and Flynn is discouraging mid this month, sagging badly in January and jolting around later. Will do more if/when more info emerges about what Flynn has spilled the beans on.

    • Thank you! Special Council Office filed their sentencing memo for Flynn on December 4th. Mueller does not recommend imprisonment for Flynn, because he has been said to have collaborated “extensively”. And extensive it seemed, since Flynn seems to have met with Team Mueller for 19 (!) times. And although the memo was majorly redacted, several points of interest emerged. One was that Flynn, apparently offered information on links of several Donald J. Trump Campaign/Transition Members with Russians, second that he possibly offered information on two cases separate from Russia Probe. SCO lawyers who signed the Memo are known for prosecuting terrorism cases, and other has Turkish roots.

      What I’m afraid of is that when this all comes public, people will find “how all connects to everything” too much. It’s going to be brutal.

  3. The greatest astrological mystery of Russiagate solved here! I think this Dec 5th birthdate is very, very likely. To those familiar with tarot art, Flynn actually is a dead ringer to Rider-White King Of Wands, who represent Sadgittarius.

    And, more remarkably, this birthdate gives him a strong and telling synastry both with POTUS and VP Pence. I think, in fact, that VP is “the target” on Flynn line. Flynn seems to be almost exactly 6 months older his namesake VP Pence. There is loads of heavy synastry here (I think I’ll go and draw a composite too) that could I think could go both ways. I’m almost seeing a big brother – little brother kind of bond here. And since The US uses school year rather than calendar year to divide classes in basic education, Flynn would have been one of the “big kids” in the class during Pence’s formative years (here’s, BTW, an interesting thing to consider – in my system, Scorpios and Sadges were always the “smallest” in class, while Aquarius and Pisces were ahead, and it somehow seems to reflect in life, but that’s not the case in The US). Both are from Irish Catholic, and although I can’t find a reference for Flynn now, of “Kennedy Democrat” background. They were, very much, bond going into this, and may be bond coming out.

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