Michael Collins – a chart fit for a legend

Michael Collins, a mythic figure in the early-20th-century Irish struggle for independence, a revolutionary, soldier and politician, was born on 18th October 1890 at 2.30 am Clonakilty, Ireland. His family had republican connections back to an 18th century rebellion. He fought in the 1916 Easter Rising and the subsequent War of Independence, gaining fame as a guerrilla warfare strategist, directing successful attacks on British forces. After the ceasefire and the creation of the Irish Free State, he moved into politics but a civil war broke out and he was assassinated by forces (IRA) who opposed the Anglo-Irish Treaty. As ever conspiracy theories swirled around his death because the gunman responsible had fought for the British Army before joining the IRA.

Collins had a Libra Sun conjunct Uranus, making him a mix of rebellious and politic; though his Sun square a 5th house Mars in Capricorn would give him a combative edge; and his Uranus squared Jupiter adding an adventurous, risk-taking streak. What dominates his chart, however, is an Air Grand Trine of Pluto Neptune in Gemini on his Midheaven trine Mercury in Libra trine Jupiter in Aquarius, formed into a Kite by Pluto Neptune opposition a 4th house Venus in fiery Sagittarius.

It is a delightfully descriptive chart. Air Grand Trines can be ideologues, idealists and wedded to their beliefs. Pluto in the 10th as well as controlling, can become a legend of their time; and Pluto Neptune was very much at the centre of the zeitgeist when he was born with associations to stratospheric ambitions as well as scandals. Hitler and Mao also had Neptune Pluto in Gemini though in their cases in the 8th and 5th respectively. The driving planet of Collins’ Air Grand Trine, formed into an even more talented Kite was the 4th house Venus – love of country and roots.

His Pluto Neptune opposition Venus also squared onto Saturn in Virgo on his Ascendant which would make him tough minded from Saturn Pluto, wishing for a fairer society from Saturn Neptune; passionate and idealistic from Pluto Neptune Venus. A Mutable Saturn on the point of a T Square on the Ascendant would give him a reserved appearance, an initial suspiciousness on meeting people, and also a humility and a serious approach to organizational matters with executive abilities.

His Moon in intensely emotional Scorpio was sextile Mars on one side and Saturn on the other, so he’d be used to hardship. His mother was a powerful influence and a considerable personality – obvious from his Pluto in the 10th as well as his Moon aspects.

A complicated man, not an easy temperament, but supremely capable with his moments of levity from two 5th house planets.

When he was assassinated his focal point Saturn had moved by Solar Arc to exactly square his Mars which in traditional astrology was the classic assassination signature. With tr Neptune in an undermining opposition to his Solar Arc Mars.


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