Michael Avenatti – a fiery Aquarius with his teeth into Trump



Michael Avenatti, the pugnacious lawyer who represents porn actress Stormy Daniels in her ongoing legal dispute with Donald Trump, says he’ll run against him in 2020 if he thinks there is no other candidate with a real chance of beating him.

Avenatti’s background is as an attorney and entrepreneur, a media regular, who in the past has represented high profile clients who made the international headlines. He is also a professional racing car driver.

He was born 16 February 1971 10.07 pm Sacramento, California, and has an attention-grabbing 5th house Aquarius Sun widely square Saturn in Taurus and inconjunct Pluto in the 12th. His Scorpio Moon opposes his Saturn – so he’s fixed and tough. He also has a crusading Mars in Sagittarius with a high-finance Jupiter Neptune conjunct in Sag as well in his financial  2nd.

His Sun opposes Trump’s Mars in Leo; his Mars opposes Trump’s Uranus and his midheaven is conjunct Trump’s Saturn Venus in Cancer – a competitive, combative, explosive interface with Avenatti’s career hitting Trump in his sensitive spot (unloved) Saturn in Cancer.

Their relationship chart shows an ongoing battle with tr Pluto square the composite Venus in 2018, the composite Mars in 2018/2019, then across midpoints onto square the Sun Mercury in 2021/22 – so a long drawn out and angry tussle.

He’s not in a great place at the moment, Avenatti, with a blocked Solar Arc Pluto opposition Saturn, exact in two months; and an undermining tr Neptune square his Mars on and off till late 2019. He’ll have some reassuring moments this September/October and next April but otherwise not seeing his plans work as he had hoped. He’ll face a disaster or three from May 2020 onwards; but he’s also looking elated over the election itself with tr Uranus opposing his Jupiter/Uranus midpoint. It seems unlikely he’d run with no political experience. But something is going right for him on the night.

14 thoughts on “Michael Avenatti – a fiery Aquarius with his teeth into Trump

  1. He has some very interesting connections with the USA Declaration of Independence chart: natal Sun conjunct USA Moon, natal Uranus conjunct USA Saturn, natal MC conjunct USA Mercury.

  2. I wonder about the astrology of someone who can watch Trump speak and not see a flaming lunatic.
    Check out his speech in Montana last night. The man is certifiably whacked.

    • Yet he retains his followers. Both those camps are “not mentally healthy”. His rages remaind me of forcing gladiators to death fights in the ring, while he passes around the bowls of sour wine and Crusty bread.

  3. This site and the nasty spiteful comments written here do nothing to promote the inherent wonder of this ancient art, it is nothing more than a ‘ trolling ‘ site.

  4. I think his primary goal is to incite Democratic base and get someone who he considers a “streetfighter” to run. He is incredibly frustrated with the party leadership not defending likes of Maxine Waters taking a strong stand against Trump’s and his base bullying. But if nobody emerges, he will be true to that word.

    He also has the same hardcore Aquarius/Scorpio Personal Planet combination – although inverted -, as the new Mexican President López Obrador. But he is even bigger trouble to Trump, because while Aquarius Moon can detach, Scorpio Moon does not. Not before they’ve wan the battle.

  5. My instinct says Avenatti would be a “stalking horse” candidate – a decoy for the real one who has yet to emerge. Avenatti is also fearless enough to go at 45* freely, opening the door for other, similar attacks to take shape.

    We’re not even at the midterms and its WAY too early for serious Presidential candidates to emerge, so Avenatti is a good vent for right-wing anger at this point in time. He doesn’t give a hoot. I hope the Democrats get the message!

  6. Exactly. I’m thinking Avenatti’s jubilant mood on election night might reflect a Democrat’s (landslide?) victory over Trump. Avenatti could certainly take some credit for a Trump loss, since he bashes him non-stop on all the networks (except Fox, of course). Interesting that he has a 5th house sun, which explains his very active social life–often seen out and about at New York’s finest restaurants and at media parties/galas and is quite the natty dresser. He reportedly has a Ferrari or two. I admire his grit. I’d love to see someone with his b__lls run against Duh Twump. Thank you, Marjorie.

  7. So…will President Tweet lose in 2020? Darn that crooked Hillary.

    Looking at other’s astrology can be more predictive of events than looking at the main player(s). Thanks.

    • Something I personally like to look at are Inauguration Charts. We know the date and the time in advance. 2021 one is seriously hardcore, so much more difficult than 2017 one. It has Pluto on MC. Maleficents in the 12th house of “secret enemies”. Current Administration Chart has Uranus there. So, I guess it’s safe to say, at least, that the Administration swearing in 2021 will have a more authoritarian bend that the current one. Not that the current one would not *think* authoritarian, but because of that 12th house Uranus – and personality of Mr. Trump with his Mutable Sun/Moon opposition – they are unable to keep it up.

      Therefore, my prediction based on Inauguration 2021 is Trump will either not run, will be defeated or will be incapacitated somehow (my theory is dementia, some forms can take a decade to advance from an early stage to full mental incapacity). I think the chart as whole leans more towards a Republican presidency but it could also be indicative of the next Administration having to fix the most lasting damage Trump could do with his judicial and military nominations. Also, the 2021 “trouble” could come from Senate, because a couple of Democratic Senators from Red States face re-election, and Democrats might lose the gains from 2018 (yes, I think Senate will flip too). 2025 Inauguration Chart looks considerably brighter, and from memory (on cell, so can’t check this), has a potential for a female winning.

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