Menendez bros – a strangely hostile twosome



The Menendez brothers both serving life sentences without parole for killing their parents in 1989 are together in the same prison for the first time in almost thirty years.   Their defence attorney claimed they were abused by their father, though the judge or jury through a complicated set of trials saw them as spoilt rich kids who wanted their father’s money and mother was collateral damage.  The murder happened during the chaotic and highly-strung triple conjunction in Capricorn of Saturn Uranus Neptune.

Lyle, 10 Jan 1968 12.10 am New York, has an Earth Grand Trine of a Sun Capricorn trine Pluto Uranus in Virgo trine a Taurus Moon, with the Moon opposition Neptune in Scorpio –materialistic but driven by a dream/delusion. He also has the chancer/gamblers’ something-for-nothing Mars opposition Jupiter square his Venus in adventurous Sagittarius.  His Solar Arc Mars had moved to oppose his Pluto at the time of the murders which would wind him up.

Erik, 27 Nov 1970 11.23 pm Livingston, NJ, is a spaced-out Sun Neptune in Sagittarius with Moon Jupiter and Venus in Scorpio with Venus Jupiter opposition a singleton and ungiving Saturn in Taurus. Tr Pluto was conjunct his Solar Arc Mars in 1989, similar to his brother, which would press his ruthless buttons as well.

What was always exceeding strange is that the most hostile relationship in the family was between Lyle and Erik themselves. The relationships with Jose, the father, 6 May 1944, were not sweetness and light but there was and is huge aggravation between the brothers. Their relationship chart has a composite Sun Mars square Pluto on one side and trine Saturn on the other. With a Yod of composite Pluto sextile Venus Neptune inconjunct Saturn.

One wonders what weird psychological dynamic prompted them to kill their parents rather than each other – which wouldn’t have been beyond the bounds of possibility with those aspects.

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  1. Is there any evidence in the charts that the father could have been the sexual abuser they claimed? From what you’ve said, it doesn’t seem to be the case. You usually mention Mars-Saturn-Pluto connections which I don’t see.

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