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Melania Trump’s ‘I Really Don’t Care, Do U?’ jacket on a border immigrant visit is mystifying if seen as a reflection of contempt for immigrant children. Her track record suggests she dresses deliberately, on occasion pointedly aimed at Trump. Remember the pink Gucci pussy bow shirt after Trump’s ‘grab them by the ..’ comments surfaced in 2016. And her Hillary Clinton/#metoo white trouser suit for the State of Union address after the Stormy Daniels’ furore erupted, and she refused to travel with her husband to the event. She started an anti-bullying campaign, refused to move to DC for her son’s sake. She may have signed the contract to put up with Trump for the duration but she’s not above getting subtle and not so subtle digs in.

Her Taurus Sun opposition Jupiter in Scorpio is getting rattled by tr Uranus from mid May this year till early 2020 which could be seen as a bid for freedom and independence. Though it kicked off with her kidney hospital procedure when tr Uranus was also square her Mars/Pluto midpoint which suggests it was more serious than was claimed. And that fairly catastrophic influence runs on and off into early 2019.

This year is mixed for her with jolting and discouraging tr Saturn opposition her Uranus and square her Moon, plus confused and sticky transits to midpoints; with some light relief in September/October; but a truly difficult 2019/2020 with major setbacks, frustrations and aggravation.

Her relationship with Trump hit a major collision over his election and in 2017; is having to accommodate a major adjustment from this July as tr Uranus trines the composite Pluto, and that runs into 2019. With a definite hint of power struggles between them in 2019/2020 as well as high anxiety and uncertainty.

Her relationship with Ivanka, never good at the best of times, is at daggers drawn at the moment, with escalating tensions through this year.

She must have known what she was doing when she lashed herself to Trump’s mast in 2005 – with a vulgarly over-ostentatious wedding. The wedding chart unsurprisingly has a bitterly angry, power-struggling, submit/dominate Mars Pluto conjunction and a grandiose Jupiter camouflaging a good deal of unhappiness. The wedding chart is sailing through especially troubled waters in 2019, worse in 2020.

My money would be on her trolling her errant spouse.

10 thoughts on “Melania Trump – dressing for effect

  1. I totally agree with Harmony, Marjorie and the rest of you biased Astologers, get over it ! You have no idea what your talking about…

  2. It would be wonderful if astrologers could be impartial, especially as a great majority were trumping hilary as the new president and saying Trump would not be the winner. The sheer prejudice is astounding and I was hoping to see a bit of a correction since I felt it was hugely embarrassing for the art of astrology. It seems that to not be the case. It is obvious that Melanie is sending a message to the press, and how ludicrous is it to think it’s passive aggressive to her husband. Really? Get over it already people and move forward peacefully! Such bitterness is bad for your health! As a side her birth time is unknown and maybe she has a Sagittarius moon. Sag moons are usually very tall and she definitely is up there.

  3. She was born in a part of Slovenia that was part of Italy at one time. Evidently, the phrase “I don’t care” is posted around the city in various places as it was a slogan used by the Black Shirts. She doesn’t get a pass for doing this – she knew what she was doing.

  4. If correct that her style of dressing is a passive aggressive message to her husband, I suggest she grows up and act like an adult. I suggest she not take this country into her sleazy marriage and act like an adult in dealing with her husband, not a rebellious teenager. To wear a graffiti jacket announcing she doesn’t care to world as she tours an internment camp for refugee children was cruel and showed her indifference to the plight. Like her husband, she made this sitution about herself and not the issue. She has shown us who she is, I wish people would stop excusing her. She like her husband is a birther. Also, don’t wear a pussybow blouse when your husband announces he can grap a pussy anytime he wants. And lastly, each time she travels separately from her husband, as she does so lavishly, it cost the tax payers.

    Regarding her anti-bullying campaign, that was tone deaf. How do you tell the public not to bully when your husband is the main bully? It’s like the married preacher preaching against adultry while diddling his congregation. His surmon has no moral authority. Her campaign against bullying has no moral authority. She also cost the tax payers millions of dollars while she stayed in NY to keep her son in school, to prevent separation anxiety. After her trip to the border she reported that all is well with the children, they are happy to be there. I guess brown children don’t suffer separation anxiety.

  5. I think you’re right about trolling her husband, though it seemed an odd choice since the message seemed to point to herself as not caring about the immigrant children she was going to see. I had thought it was a Trump tactic, but the more I’ve read about Melania’s deliberate choices of what she wears it certainly points more to trolling. She’s also in a bind with her parents installed in Trump Tower I believe and of course her son who she wants to protect.

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