Mel B – extreme divorce


Dramatic allegations are made in Mel B’s claim for divorce from film producer Stephen Belafonte about domestic abuse, forced threesomes and more.

They were born less than two weeks apart, she 29 May 1975 and he 18 May, so they share the same outer planets but she is a Sun Gemini, Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius, Venus in Cancer, Mars in Aries; while he is a Sun Taurus with a Leo/Virgo Moon, Venus in Cancer and Mars in Pisces.

He came out of a chaotic, impoverished, violent childhood and has a history of assaults. His Sun is conjunct Algol and square a bleak, unyielding Saturn/Pluto midpoint and = an explosive Mars/Uranus and = an over pushy Jupiter/Pluto; with his Pluto opposition his buccaneering Mars/Jupiter and = the can-be cruel Mars/Saturn . Plus a wired-up Yod of Sun sextile Mars inconjunct Uranus which can be contrary, wilful, rebellious, overly independent, though can also be a trail blazer. So he won’t be meek and mild

Their relationship chart has a cold composite Venus Saturn but that fits both their patterns; with a power-struggling and can-be ruthless Mars opposition Pluto, and Pluto also opposition Jupiter which says much the same. Again I’ve seen worse, so either the claims are amplified for the courts or the house positions make the difference. Or the dates are wrong.

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  1. Thanks Marjorie

    Algol strikes again ……. Just curious about the orb for it and does it affect progressed charts in the same manner?

  2. Rob, The house positions make a huge difference. Fixed stars are only supposed to get a two degree orb, so you’ll be saved from Algol. Some astrologers push the last degree (anarectic) into the next sign but I don’t. What do you do with your Yod ? It looks quite lively and maverick.

    • Thanks! My yod is Mars in Pisces 1st, Sun inTaurus 3rd, Uranus in Libra 8th. I experience a great tension between wanting to agitate for major social change and being worn out by conflict with Pisces rising and Libra moon making me somewhat averse to it, and a touchy Venus/Saturn in Cancer.

      I don’t view the 29th degree as being effectively in the next sign, but I wonder if you think there’s an added restlessness to it in the sense of “my work is done here?” Sometimes I think my Mars (29 Pis 56) WANTS to be in Aries, but just isn’t.

  3. Well, this one’s interesting because I managed to be born in the 11 days between them, so my chart is very similar to his chart in particular. My Sun is farther away from Algol and the square with the Saturn/Pluto midpoint. But I have a much tighter Sun-Mars—Uranus yod, all at 29, and Moon in Libra close conjunct Pluto, directly opposite Mars/Jupiter midpoint. I’m the opposite of domineering and I haven’t hit anyone since I quit hockey 25 years ago. Do you place any stock in the anaretic degree? And should I be worried to have Sun only 3 degrees from awful Algol?

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