Meghan – rafting through the white water rapids



Poor Meghan is now finding out the price of marrying a prince – running the gauntlet of the media. They are up to their usual game of puffing up and then looking for cracks to pull her down. She’s difficult, can’t keep staff, too uppity in her demands etc etc etc. My recollection is that Kate took a fair pounding in the early years and she didn’t have a mouthy family causing embarrassment to contend with.

Meghan does look a touch deflated at the moment with tr Saturn moving in hard aspect to her Jupiter Saturn opposition MC square Mars T Square, now till early January. The few days over New Year look fractious and aggravated. Tr Neptune is also opposing her Venus till late this month which can be disappointing emotionally and romantically, a dream dented.

Tr Pluto will square her 4th house Pluto again from mid January, continuing pressures for change domestically and in terms of her family relationships, adult and childhood. Which can be fairly push n’ pull. Late March into April will be nerve-stretched and relieved at the same time.

Her relationship with her father Thomas Markle who appears incapable of keeping his mouth shut isn’t getting easier. From her chart with Pluto in the 4th he would always be experienced by her as controlling and possessive. Plus his Pluto is conjunct her Sun which says much the same.   And his Sun sits exactly on her Ascendant so he will feel his identity is very tied up with her image.

Their relationship chart has an argumentative composite Sun, Mars, Mercury conjunction which is being rattled over this coming year and on. There’s a cool composite Venus Saturn and a one-upmanship Jupiter Pluto, which latter has tr Neptune in opposition pulling down its grip well into 2020.

Jupiter through her 5th till almost the end of 2019 will keep her morale high though she may well over-stretch herself physically taking on too many commitments with tr Saturn moving into her 6th.


15 thoughts on “Meghan – rafting through the white water rapids

  1. She is having a baby – give her a break – once the little one comes the media will fall in love again – As to why anyone who does not know her personally can say she is not in love with Harry – Come on –

    • I think one thing is very clear in the U.K. at least she polarises people. If one says anything remotely objective the charge of racist is levied! Her clothes are very expensive (note Kate doing many repeats) and she is very vocal. She isn’t being hounded as Diana was by the paparazzi on the London streets and indeed as Kate and her children have been, the press are writing stories about her. Enough said…

      • I’ve seen some very ugly comments about her. She’s an elegant beautiful woman, perhaps that is what rattles these commenters’s cages.

        • I think she rubs a lot of people up the wrong way for a variety of reasons There are rumblings that all is not good in Kensington Palace and the press have picked up on that. Notwithstanding her relationship with her family which has in itself become tabloid fodder.

          • I read on one tabloid cover that she’s known as Duchess Difficult. Must be terrible changes for those living inside their gilded cages wearing their tilted haute couture hats. Why, even Kate was in tears! Oh, dear!

            A commoner with a backbone. Good for her!

  2. I fear she is being hounded by the gutter press in the same virulent way that Diana was. To do this while she is pregnant is, to me absolutely repellent. I simply don’t understand why so much hatred is directed at her. Piers Morgan is one of the worst offenders in this bullying campaign but then I wouldn’t expect anything else from such a lowlife reptile.

  3. I think that the media can be tricky but I have heard various rumblings that there is more than a vein of truth in what is being reported! I think MM needs to learn to go for evolution not revolution; but I still think this marriage will go pear shaped sooner or later. I think she will bolt and Harry will be devastated. The papers weren’t happy with William and Kate living in Wales in seclusion and then there was the furore in the South of France with the photos and Kate smoking. It must be tough everything you do is commented on but MM is a bright woman and should use her smarts if she wants to make it work – ie keep your head down play the game and don’t make waves until you have earned respect

  4. I totally agree with Marjorie’s assessment that the media are up to their usual nasty tricks. It’s time we stopped giving them so much attention in this country. Most of their news has little or no relation to facts and is simply an attempt to grab headlines. Leave Meghan alone. She’s a breath of fresh air in the royal family.

  5. I don’t agree. This is such shame! MM needs to make this right. From the time of the engagement interview and the lies, I personally don’t believe she was/is “in love” with PH, but rather with her elevated station. I think William and Kate could see right through her act.

  6. Diana didn’t loathe shooting! She was a keen shot herself… it was part of her upbringing and it was also one of the widespread inaccuracies that was passed about by the press.

    • “Hunting”, as in shooting animals. Nobody said she didn’t like that. I’m a Finn, and guess what, knowing how to shoot and hunt is part of our upbringing too, maybe for different reasons than in The UK, because here, it’s not a “game”, but part of survival. I have two girl cousins who got their hunting licence at 12, and are great shots. But they are also vegans.

      Also, Thomas Markle is from Appalachian Pennsylvania. Girls definitely shoot there, too.

  7. And now she is ruining The Royal Pheasant Hunt! Little does it matter this is a tradition Diana, born to one of the most aristocratic families in Britain, loathed too. But when she is doing this, she is an American upstart.

    Also, I think her father is an alcoholic. Maybe a recovering one, but the signs are all over his face.

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