Meghan Markle – stepping into a minefield



Now that actress Meghan Markle seems to be a running possibility for Prince Harry (maybe) and not just a mirage in celebrity websites’ fondest hopes, it seemed worth a second look – if only to get away from political disasters on all sides.

Born 4 Aug 1981 Los Angeles, she’s an entertaining Sun Mercury in Leo; with an idealistic Jupiter Saturn (Moon) in Libra square Mars in excitable Cancer – so she’ll veer between high enthusiasm and the opposite fairly frequently. She’s also got Venus in Virgo which is picking up the tr Neptune opposition from April next year, running off and on till late 2018. This looks disappointing where love and romance are concerned. She’s also got a high-hopes ( and false happiness) tr Neptune opposition her Sun/Jupiter till January 2017 and opposition her Sun/Saturn at the same time – so she’ll be very up and down. Then has a run of confused, disruptive and very unsettled transits to midpoints through 2017. So she won’t find being in the spotlight of publicity surrounding a Royal romance as much fun as she might have expected.

‘Sources’ (usually unreliable) say she’s already met Prince Charles – that relationship looks argumentative with a composite Sun Mars; and communication-blocked with Saturn Pluto conjunct Mercury; and is sagging somewhat through 2017.

HM Queen looks half pleased and half horrified; with a composite Sun Venus opposition Jupiter as well as an awkward Mars opposition Saturn square Uranus.

Prince William looks quite enamoured of her with a composite Sun Venus square Jupiter Pluto; but won’t put up with any upstaging.

Kate Middleton looks less enchanted and would attempt to keep the upper hand as well as keeping her distance.

Prince Harry does have tr Uranus square his Sun/Moon midpoint from late February next year which can suggest separations in close relationships – or at least a major turnaround in his hopes and expectations of what he wants.

I do feel sorry for him having to play it all out in the spotlight and indeed having to find a partner who could survive that gilded cage.

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  1. Hello, I want to ask you if you see Harry falling in love with another woman in 2017, and how could that woman, you can be a foreigner, a much older in age that him (38-45), independent professional, specialist in science or online marketing, owner of your company, with a brand in the Face like a mole? She could be aries? If so, how do they come to know? Thank you

  2. The Press did not cross a line – Meg and her family as much as called up the Press in order for her to play the sad victim and getting Stooge Harry to come to her rescue. It’s pretty sick and heartless to play this game when Princess Diana had such a complicated real history with the Press. This gauche climber ought to be ashamed of herself – totally unsuitable for royal life. She is a social-climbing manipulator.

  3. I do feel sorry for (some of) the young Royals. And yes I know they’ve got plenty of compensations and do bring a fair amount of it down on their own heads. But Harry really wants to get married and having a paparazzi storm on your doorstep, rifling through your rubbish, harassing your family etc must be seriously scary apart from anything else. And trying to forge a new relationship under this kind of pressure makes it almost impossible. I almost didn’t post on them for this reason, except life had got so angst ridden with elections etc that it seemed light relief.
    Diana got this treatment when she was woo-ing as did waitey Katey. But it’s worse for an actress who lives elsewhere and has plenty of sexy pics on public display.
    Not sure what the answer is – except marry a foreign Princess who’s used to the goldfish bowl and do your courting out of the public eye until you’re committed. I’m sure an actress would think at the start it was great – lots of attention but that’ll wear thin rapidly and as Koo Stark (Prince Andrew’s former squeeze pre Fergie) pointed out will probably ruin her career moving ahead, even if they split up; and certainly if they don’t. Does she want to be a charity mannequin for the rest of her days which is what the future holds, if it sticks? Chelsy Davy, the Zimbabwean, was really the one he should have married but she couldn’t cope with the spotlight and wanted her own life. Everything comes at a price and the cost for Royals nowadays is zero privacy.

  4. I see a comment has been released from Kensington Palace confirming the relationship.
    What is your view on this and do you see it going any further then just dating? for the life of me I cant see it going any further, don’t know why but just a gut feeling!

    • It’s official – the press has crossed “the line” and now the Prince feels he cannot protect her from further damage. But aren’t some attracted to this kind of lifestyle…? Like moths to the candle flame?

      Didn’t he once have a true love of his life? What happened to them/her?

      Agree that I need distractions from the circus here in the former Colonies today.

  5. She is Leo with a Libra Moon so she will be keen on social status and a five star lifestyle.
    I hope not. But he is in a phase where he really wants to settle down. Hopefully tr Uranus square his Sun/Moon from late February might see a parting of the ways. It wouldn’t work long term that’s for sure.

  6. Do you see them lasting or possibly getting engaged? Also I’ve seen on other astrology forums that she seems to be interested in his royal status?

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