Meghan – caught between competing dynasties



Family embarrassment continues to escalate for poor Meghan with her father talking constantly to the US media about being rejected. The DM speculates the Queen has stepped in to quell the unwanted publicity though quite what she can do isn’t obvious. She will no doubt be displeased at the mishandling of the affair from square one, which possibly wouldn’t have happened if the older courtiers had still been around. Harry should have met him in person, more than once; he should have been brought over and bought off if necessary to keep him quiet. There’s no way of knowing yet what the whole back story is and it’s odd he lives in rundown Mexico but still it did look like an accident waiting to happen.

Thomas Markle was born 18 July 1944 in Los Angeles,  was a television lighting director, winner of several awards. He won $750,000 in a California lottery in 1990, but spent it and filed for bankruptcy in 2016 over a debt of $30,000. He’s been married three times.

His Cancer Sun is conjunct the Fixed star Procyon which can rise to heights and then fall. He’s got Jupiter in flamboyant Leo in an adventurous conjunction to Mars and a Venus Pluto conjunction in Leo. He shares that Venus Pluto conjunction with Sarah Ferguson, who shares his lack of sense about money or discretion and the tendency of hanging on emotionally.

It is a controlling relationship with Meghan since she has Pluto in the 4th so she’d find him quite scary when she was growing up. His Sun is conjunct her Ascendant which suggests a strong though competitive link; and his Venus Pluto is conjunct her Mercury Sun, so he will want to manipulate her.

Their relationship chart also has a competitive edge with a composite Sun Mars Mercury, a chilly, emotionally blocked Venus Saturn; and a composite Mars square Neptune  = when one succeeds the other feels diminished.

Their connection looks if anything bumpier in 2019/2020; and undermined this year and next.

HM Queen looks frustrated and irritated with Prince Harry especially this September/October; and her relationship with Meghan is also gritty and exasperated through till early 2019.

There is that odd composite Moon square Saturn Pluto in Meghan and Harry’s relationship chart, which suggests bleak, destructive and unkind family relationships – which I had rather ascribed to the Royals. But it clearly works on both sides. Their composite Moon is being seriously jangled this December and January 2019 with tr Uranus square; and under discouraging challenges in 2020 to 2024.

15 thoughts on “Meghan – caught between competing dynasties

  1. I think Harry should’ve married chelsey Davy at least He Knew her family. MM is bonkers. Blimey i’m Sick to death of reading or hearing about
    Ps: I have nothing against MM as person

  2. I think they will be alright as long as The Queen lives. Anybody who has seen “The Crown” know embarrishing family members are nothing new at English Court. And it’s not always someone they married – the next season will probably also deal with Princess Margaret’s drinking and how that became a liability.

    I spoke about Meghan and Harry with my stepmother (not the easiest relation while growing up, but better now we’re adults), who for some reason is a major royalist, and has been following Windsors closely. She said The Queen obviously likes Meghan better than almost any Royal bride – excluding Countess of Wessex intially, before she was caught offering access to Royal Family, which made the relationship more formal. I responded I’ve already noted Harry is her favorite grandchild. Possibly reminds her of Philip, I’ve always found speculation’s on Harry’s father ridiculous solely because of the obvious physical resamblance to his grandfather, but there probably is much in Harry of the young naval officer Princess Elizabeth fell in love with characterwise, too.

  3. This whole mess might have been avoided or at least tempered had Harry met the father, etc just as Marjorie wrote. Doria was afforded the opportunity to spend time with Harry…We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors nor why H&M have not arranged to meet him and iron this out. Mr. M did say he’s not going to stop, so they best get on with fixing this. Best of luck to them!

    • It’s become a “royal” mess. The love btwn H&M may be true…but familial turmoil is rarely unwound.

      I’m glad to be unmarried since my divorce… life is simpler with cats…and no royal challenges.

    • Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors with the Royal Family, none of us know who the Queens favourites are. The Markle debacle is a car crash and whoever allowed her to leave her half siblings off the invitation list needs their heads lobbed off – they should have gritted their teeth, put them up in a hotel and then produced a confidentiality agreement! I still have a hunch that Meghan will crash out of the Royal Family sooner rather than later

  4. I predict that there will be an ultimatum at some point, Meghan will blow a fuse and Harry will have to choose between Meghan and being part of the Royal Family ? He will choose the RF as he is much more Conservative than people realise very strong Saturn in his chart..
    Meghan, be careful what you wish for.

  5. That Meghan has a 4th house pluto says it all. Her father is a controlling jerk. And he’s been making money from his interviews, photos, etc. Vengeful, jealous and controlling would also describe her other relatives. She’s between a rock and a hard place… to deal with these crazies. Such a conundrum. They are, after all, family. Perhaps she should have invited them all to the wedding. Then again, that might have opened up another can of worms. Impossible situation. At least her mother is behaving with class and dignity.

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