Matt Gaetz – a mini-chip off the Trump block

Matt Gaetz, the headline-grabbing Florida Republican congressman, a rabid pro-Trumper and eager conspiracy theorist, is embroiled in a sex scandal that carries real legal jeopardy. It started with reports of sexual relations with a 17-year-old girl and paying for her to cross state lines. (Interstate trafficking of underage children for sex is a federal offence.) And since then has spiralled into a larger inquiry into sex trafficking, started under the approval of AG William Barr, that has led to the indictment of a Gaetz friend and local Florida politician, Joel Greenberg. It hinges round ‘sugar daddy’ websites where women exchange sex for gifts and money.

  Evidently Gaetz showed nude photographs of his conquests around the house and opposed a bill to outlaw revenge porn. Given that he has been one of Trump’s most vocal defenders, the controversy has become the latest proxy battle over the former president’s legacy and ongoing influence. Gaetz has adopted the Trumpian policy of aggressive denials, conceding nothing and hurling accusations at his critics. He is supported by local Florida Republicans who have written the allegations off as fake news so he may not be out on his ear as quickly as many hope.

  Born 7 May 1982 he’s an indulgent and stubborn Sun Taurus with an intense and can-be-sexualised Moon in Scorpio. He’s also got Venus in upfront Aries opposition Mars in Libra, which Sakoian & Acker describe thus: “ Generates relationship problems of an emotional nature often involving sex. The natives are likely to use the opposite sex for sexual gratification without consideration for their feelings.” Not favourable for marriage because of its tendency to create emotional and sexual incompatibility.  And he has a third opposition of an outspoken Mercury in Gemini opposition Uranus – so on a constant see-saw attempting to find balance.

  He’s up and down ahead with late April/early May looking both good and disruptive. Mid June to early July will be panicked and not progressive and his problems will mount throughout July to mid August and again in December which looks like career losses. 2022 from mid year catches tr Uranus conjunct his Sun for an upheaval and he’ll hit a swamp by 2023 as his Progressed Sun opposes his Neptune.

  Just out of idle curiosity I had a flip through his harmonic charts and the three most notable are the 5H, 11H and 15H which on Vendla’s numerology associations are:

5H: Always on-the-go. Inventive, freedom-lover, fast-thinking, “sexy”. Also: Lack of concentration, irresponsibility, sensationalistic, self-indulgent, deceitful, “the player”.

11H: A difficult number to live up to. The positive aspect of number 11 is idealistic and inspired imagination. The negative aspects are fanaticism and unreasonableness, also dishonesty, greed, self-indulgence and even perversion.

15H: It rules magicians, alchemy, black magic, need for erotic experiences, actors and eloquent speakers. It is a “tricky” number, not always lucky.

  These harmonics are also notable with Harvey Weinstein, Jimmy Savile and the 11H with Jeffrey Epstein. Most of these are without birth times so the other harmonics could be connected into the chart axis. See previous post December 14 2019.

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  1. Hi, Marjorie, A friend of mine who happens to be gay suspects that there will be unsavory details to come out about his relationship with his “son” Nestor: the 12-year-old brother of a woman he was dating at the time.

    • God, I hope not. His fans will STILL stand by him. They will put it down to fake news and a smearing campaign by the liberals even if the FACTS state otherwise.

    • @Cathy, on the other Washington DC Gay Twitter always seemed to be think Nestor story was bogus. My guess is he might have used Nestor was used as a bait and coverup to hang around young girls. Wouldn’t be the first time, I even saw this growing up, older guys befriending teenage guys, usually through an activity and then somehow finding their way to their teenage group to hit on underaged girls (mind you, age of consent is 16 where I live, but goes up to 18 for “authority figures” and prostitution, and some guys would prey on girls as young as 14, who often hanged out with slightly older guys)

  2. For the record , I don’t belong to any political party because I feel that it hamstrings my vote. In other words if I don’t belong to a political party then they can’t own my vote. Some people vote for a party because granny would turn in her grave if they didn’t. Even when they disagree with everything they represent.

    So, I don’t have a soft spot for the Republicans, I just don’t want to see the Democrats get a free ride when I know that there are many people in it that are just the same when it comes to abuse. And if you need an example of reprehensible behaviour, you need look no further than three major members of the Labour Party who attained high status in the 90s. In the 70s and 80s they were cosying up to the PIE otherwise known as the Paedophile Information Exchange. And while I find it difficult to believe they endorsed their twisted viewpoint. They still went along with it as though they thought getting their vote would guarantee Labour success. Weird and disturbing!

    I agree with all that has been written about religion, which is why I’m an atheist. The evangelical side always made me cringe with the way they took over American Sunday viewing. They always managed to enrich themselves while pretending it was for charity.

    So with religious leaders , politicians, the judiciary, head teachers, teachers, the police, social workers, trusted family members, family friends and the Boyscouts of America being complicit: is there anyone that children can trust? Parents might as well arm them with mace.

    • Yes, it’s disturbing to remember that PIE lobbied for decriminalisation of CSA under the cloak of the sexual liberation movements of the time. I think public acknowledgement of CSA and the traumatic effect it has on children’s lives has really only been with us for a relatively short period of time. My mother for instance claims that her generation knew nothing about it and nor did her parents. Although someone of my generation find that difficult to believe, that was how things were back then. So we still have much to understand about the causes of it. Studies have shown that in the vast majority of cases, children are most at risk from relatives and most abuse takes place in the home. So, although I don’t think we will ever completely prevent it, the more we can educate ourselves and our children the better.

    • @ Linda, I think you have missed the point!!! You made a point which was what has been commented on. You don’t need to defend yourself to anyone especially those like us you don’t know and …. etc (I won’t go there). However, I stand by what I said and you need to understand the point. Thanks much. One love

      • The past is the past and we have no power to change that. However, armed with the information we have to date we can use it to do something different… we have power to change from this day forward. This starts with our mind set and mentality. Bottom line

        • Yes, knowledge is power! I think there is the will to change among people and to improve childhood for future generations, but our politicians are always slow to get it, so the change has to start with us.

  3. I think, when taking out political beliefs and mud slinging back and forth, if you do not think the act of grooming a child or young adult whose brain is not fully formed to make informed decisions okay to suggest or engage in sexual acts with them is not insidious, then something is wrong with your thinking. Full stop..!!

    If you are a mother, grandmother, aunty, etc how does that make you feel? You okay with it?
    If you are a father, grandfather, uncle, etc how does that make you feel? You okay with it.

    Who are these people who justify and defend the context and consequence of such acts via party affiliation or regardless of who they support? These are the people who mud sling and resist change just because….! My mind boggles….

    Regardless….., two wrongs do not make a right (old time Jamaican saying)! The politicians get away with what they get away with because we allow them to, same goes for generality. Simple maths!!

    • ‘The only constant in life is change’
      Make a change.
      Forward change is progress.
      Backward change is highlighting and then planting the seeds for progress in the future. (You can’t fix what you don’t know needs fixing).
      It’s a win-win whichever you cut it. It’s all about perspective.

  4. I found this really interesting article from 2 years ago from Psychology Today that shows how your political view changes the way you see sexual harassment. It would explain why conservatives dismiss the serious allegations about Matt Gaetz. Conservatives saw sexual harassment less seriously than liberals. When Harvey Weinstein and Bill O’Reilly were under investigation for sexual harassment the research found:

    ‘Among liberals in the survey, 90 percent said they thought O’Reilly should go to jail. But there was no evidence of “in-group” favoritism, with 94 percent saying the same about Weinstein. Of course, some respondents may have known that the charges about Weinstein also involved sexual assault, which may have influenced their responses. Nonetheless, few liberals were willing to cut either celebrity a break. On the other hand, while 90 percent of conservatives said Weinstein should go to jail, just 50 percent said the same about O’Reilly. Conservatives, then, appeared to view the allegations against a conservative media icon as less serious than those against a liberal movie producer. These results are robust even when adjusting for the influence gender, age, race, education, and whether or not someone reported to having been personally harassed.’

    They really do look after their own, don’t they? Are all conservatives like this? Probably not. But there are enough to cause these kinds of disparities and problems.

    Here’s the link:

  5. The point I was making is that it isn’t just the Republicans that behave in such a way. There have been plenty of Democrats that have done so as well. But California is a particular case in point because so many children run away from home in any part of the states and end up in California, where they are preyed upon. For many years children have gotten a raw deal especially young children.

    It wasn’t too long ago that I saw a documentary about a police officer who searched for missing children in his own time because the law wouldn’t permit him to do so if the child was older than I think it was age six. Because they were evidently responsible for themselves. Now the laws might have changed but attitudes haven’t.

    When I was a girl I had a friend who was adopted who complained that her father wouldn’t leave her alone. The family handed her back , and that was that. He was never investigated, never charged, and unless a famous person makes allegations about other famous people, nothing changes.

    As a native of California, I don’t like having to say these things, but as far as I’m concerned the state is a paedophile paradise and too many people get away with it!

    • ‘the law wouldn’t permit him to do so if the child was older than I think it was age six. Because they were evidently responsible for themselves. ‘

      Responsibility for themselves starting from 6-7 years old? Are you absolutely sure about this?

      This problem is a people thing which crosses all political parties, cultures, races, etc, i.e. good and bad people span far and wide. I think that is how it needs to be viewed and not in any kind of partisan way.

      These people do seep into politics because they are people who want what they want, not because they are Dem or Rep. Whichever party they affiliate to they apparently have this charm and charisma that draws in vulnerable persons convincingly? Isn’t that why they get away with it? Is one of the keys to this dilemma to educate, educate, educate so vulnerable persons feel safe to speak up and expose? How else…. but drawing lines in the sand and blaming each side is not going to cut it or help the victims.

      Just my thought or two.

    • Linda, if you look at the rape and sex abuse stats worldwide you’ll see we are living in a global pedophile cesspool. We always have been. I don’t care what side of the political spectrum you are on. If you are a sexual predator or child abuser you deserve to be sent to the electric chair strapped up by your genitalia. It’s disgusting. Full stop. Does it go on in the left? Of course, it does! It goes on everywhere. However, there is a higher percentage of it going on when religion is involved. I most definitely fall into Christopher Hitchens’ view of religion, especially when he put Steven Weinberg’s quote: Good people do good things and evil people do evil things. To get good people to do evil things, you need religion. Mix that with politics and my god, you end up with the cesspool we have right now.

      If someone on the left is caught doing this, believe me, I am one of the first people to vent my fury. I’ve vented my spleen on here about Weinstein, Prince Andrew, Jimmy Saville, etc, and the rest who were liberals. I am liberal but I won’t stand for this disturbing behavior or misogyny from any walk of life. You won’t hear me waffling on with some sinister piffle about, “oh yeah? But I think you’ll find the other side do this worse!” I mentioned what I mentioned below because there is evidence to back this up with conservatives ideology.

      Saying “but the democrats are worse’ is as bad as when the Black Lives Matter speak, you get the opposite saying “White Lives Matter Too!” When women speak up for their rights, you get the opposite side saying, “but men have rights too!” It’s a form of gaslighting and does not get to the nub of it all. Reprobate behaviour needs to be dealt with. We have perverts left, right, and centre, and I do not understand the rights view to project it out there onto celebrities. Does it happen in Hollywood? I imagine it does. But you are more likely to find your own garden variety pervert right next door to you and most likely in your own family. Let’s deal with that. Matt Geatz deserves to swing for this if found guilty. I don’t care if he’s right, left, in-between, or the sodding Dalai Lama.

      • CSE has no connection to political affiliation, class, country, creed, race or any other definition. It’s universal and is probably far more common than we would like to know. All institutions have been guilty of covering it up, churches, Vaticans, schools, families, political parties, towns, cities, villages, etc. Religious people commit child abuse, as do atheists and agnostics. Despite all that has been written about it I still think we have yet to acknowledge the extent and insidious nature of it. As a 10 – 14 year old girl I regularly experienced young, middle-aged and old men behaving inappropriately towards me and my friends, as did my older brother. It’s horrible to think about, but it is everywhere.

        • I feel a bit dense here, VF, but what is CSE short for? And yes, this insidious behavior is rampant. It’s not just going on ‘over there’ but often ‘right here.’ It’s quite frightening to think it’s going to be a rite of passage for many into adulthood.

          • It’s okay, I checked. At first, I got a credit union come up, lol! But then I put abuse in the search and it came up; child sexual exploitation.

          • I meant CSA – Childhood Sexual Abuse, Jo! Damn my Mercury/Neptune Retrograde conjunction-related word blindness!

  6. Matt Gaetz has been an absolute horror ever since he got elected. He represents Florida’s First Congressional District which runs through heavily White, rural, and sparsely populated Escambia, Okaloosa, Walton, Washington, and Holmes Counties in the Panhandle. His district is one of the most conservative and pro “Trumpian” U.S. Congressional districts in the country. Really, the entire Florida Panhandle is a cesspool of ignorance – with Gadsden and Leon Counties probably being the only exception.

    In other words, I don’t think Matt Gaetz’s brain-dead constituents are going to turn on him – despite the fact that he’s a sexual predator. Those fools certainly didn’t turn on Trump (in Holmes County alone, Trump received 88% of the vote in 2016 and 89% in 2020) and Trump is basically Gaet’z “twin.”

    As a Floridian myself, having someone like Matt Gaetz representing any part of this state is a national disgrace and embarrassment. That moron refuses to resign…so, I suppose the only thing I can hope for is that Karma pays him a visit like she paid Trump a visit last year.

    • Also, wasn’t Joe Scarborough of “Morning Joe” Representative of Florida 1st, too? He resigned to “spend more time with his children”, but was divorcing from his second, short lived marriage at the time. Sounds like someone was twisting his hand to me. Arguably, Florida GOP isn’t what it used to be, but I would rather see them to make someone from such a safe district to step out.

      • @ Solaia,

        Florida, in general, has changed A LOT over the years. I’m originally from Hawaiʻi but my parents and I have been living here in Jacksonville, Florida since 1988.

        When we first moved Florida, this was a reliably moderate / conservative Democratic “blue state” in local and state politics. The Democrats controlled the Florida State Legislature, the Governor’s Mansion, at least one U.S. Senate seat, and most U.S. Congressional districts in this state. It was mostly conservative “Blue Dog Democrats” here in North Florida with more moderate Democrats controlling most of South Florida. The Republicans only held a few pockets of control (like Seminole and Collier Counties).

        However, things started changing when, in the 1994 midterms, Democrats lost control (for the first time) of the Florida State Legislature – and they’ve never been able to get it back. Then it got worse in 1998 when Democrats lost the gubernatorial race and the Florida Governor’s Mansion has been under GOP control ever since.

        Last but not least, incumbent Democratic Senator Bill Nelson losing the 2018 Senate Race to Rick Scott….and Trump winning Florida in both Presidential elections…were like the final blows.

        All in all, things have gotten so crazy in this state….and I’m not sure when (and if) things will ever get back to normal.

        As a moderate Democrat, I can reluctantly tolerate living in a conservative environment (if used to that) – but as long as it’s a sensible conservative environment. However, I absolutely HATE Trumpism and alt-right populism – and I feel like that’s were most of Florida is at right now, unfortunately.

  7. Jo, don’t think for one moment that it is only the Republicans that are reprobates. The Democrats have a lot to answer for too. In California they decided that child prostitution would not be a prosecutable crime. Far from protecting the children, it allowed paedophilia to run amok. Many feel this was their intention, and you only have to look at all those child performers that were mercilessly abused.

    • The California 2016 law states that children forced to sell sex either by a third party exploiter or even to meet their basic needs such as obtaining food, shelter, and clothing, will no longer be criminalized for their victimization. They will not be treated as criminals if they are caught under such circumstances. They will be treated as victims who can be placed into a safe environment by the Department of Social Services, keeping them out of the criminal justice system and potentially off the streets again forced into prostitution.
      While minors will be exempt from criminal charges under the new law, anyone caught engaging in acts with them will still be subject to prosecution since sex with a minor is considered statutory rape.
      The Republicans jumped on the bandwagon and falsely claimed that the bill legalizes child prostitution.

  8. Hi Marjorie


    “Generates relationship problems of an emotional nature often involving sex. The natives are likely to use the opposite sex for sexual gratification without consideration for their feelings.” Not favourable for marriage because of its tendency to create emotional and sexual incompatibility. ”

    Just wondering if this is referring to the Venus/Mars opposition or specific to Aries/Libra?


  9. Thank you, Marjorie. Enabling, do-as-you-like-with-no-consequences fathers seem to be a common denominator in Trump and Gaetz. And blaming the ‘deep state’ for their crimes and misdemeanours has become de rigeur for dodgy Republicans (are there any other kind?). Interestingly, Gaetz’s father Don also has that Venus/Mars opposition but in Virgo/Pisces, T-Squaring a Gemini moon and has that paranoid Mercury/Pluto opposition which seems to produce belief in conspiracies and an irrational fear of anything progressive. Venus/Mars oppositions in my experience can be reckless when it comes to sex and relationships and Gaetz has mutual reception, Mars is also not particularly strong in Libra and I notice men who are sexually insecure and feel the need to prove themselves often have a weak Mars.

    It’s strange how degraded politics worldwide is becoming and I wonder if Pluto, in it’s final degrees of Capricorn is laying bare the corruption and exposing the ugliness for all who have eyes to see. Our own government in the U.K. is also led by an amoral and corrupt narcissist.

    • I wondered the same thing about politics the other day. Too much to hope for that it might be part of a cleaning out process when it all gets too rancid.
      Alan Duncan’s diary in the Daily Mail is gloriously bitchy about the UK present bunch.
      ‘All these people [MPs] want to run before they can walk. They see politics as a perpetual battle for succession, and not as a journey of duty and obligation which may or may not bring political promotion. It’s only the promotion that matters to them.’
      ‘I’m really thinking of quitting politics next year. I am finding it so suffocating and small-minded. It is stultifying.’
      ‘This is no longer a party I feel happy in. Half of my fellow MPs are intolerant ideologues and we just don’t share the same principles. They are throwbacks and nationalists; they have no proper sense of international influence and relationships. Their actions will diminish Britain.’
      Heaven help us when Alan Duncan is the voice of sanity.

      • Do you think a lot of this chaos that is happening now will dissolve in the next few years, Marjorie? I know Neptune is going to change signs soon (if it hasn’t happened already). Isn’t it responsible for all the delusion and deception going on right now? Add in Pluto’s final round before moving into Aquarius and you are going to have all this excrement rising to the fore desperately clinging onto its last vestiges of power in the most shameless of ways. I hope any decent MP with a shred of decency (if they exist, that is) doesn’t jump ship. Otherwise, things will go from bad to worse. I feel like we are living in a modern retelling of Game of Thrones! Minus the dragons, but we have human vipers taking their place instead.

      • Linda, you misread that legislation and are reading from Republican talking points. That California bill does not protect pedophiles.

      • More Alan Duncan:
        “Politics is little more than a game of chance, and it’s been going downhill steeply over the last ten to 15 years.”

        “Now that our politics is driven by the 24-hour news cycle, by social media and by the appeal of novelty over experience, I’m not sure it’s serving the country’s needs as it should. “

        • I’m having great fun reading the Alan Duncan memoir!

          Regarding Pluto in its final degrees of Capricorn, we’re living in polarised times and in effect there is a ‘stasis’ situation which I would roughly define as on the one hand a desire to hold on to the viewpoints and attitudes of the past against a more radical, progressive pull towards the future. When you look into Capricorn as a sign, its connection to January and thus the double-faced god, Janus maybe there is some clue to understanding the turmoil of Pluto’s transit through Capricorn.

          I thought the events that led eventually to the fall of the 5th century BCE Athenian Empire were interesting in this context. When writing about the civil war in the city state of Corcyra in 427 BCE, the historian Thucydides emphasised the deteriorating state of party politics within the state, which I thought bore uncanny similarity to our own divided times;

          “To fit in with the change of events, words too had to change their usual meanings. What used to be described as a thoughtless act of aggression was now regarded as the courage one would expect to find in a party member; to think of the future and wait was merely another way of saying one was a coward; any idea of moderation was just an attempt to disguise one’s unmanly character; ability to understand a question from all sides meant that one was totally unfitted for action. Fanatical enthusiasm was the mark of a real man, and to plot against an enemy behind his back was perfectly legitimate self-defence. Anyone who held violent opinions could always be trusted, and anyone who objected to them became a suspect. To plot successfully was a sign of intelligence… relations were weaker than party membership, since party members were more ready to go to any extreme for any reason whatever……Members of these parties felt confidence in each other not because of any fellowship in a religious communion, but because they were partners in crime.

          “As a result of these revolutions, there was a general deterioration of character throughout the Greek world….. As a rule those who were least remarkable for intelligence showed the greatest powers of survival.”

          • Wow, remarkably similar and yet look what happened to them subsequently. Meanwhile China’s number of billionaires on the rise as well as their stronghold on world markets, especially third world and developing countries? Hmm….

  10. I think Matt Gaetz might meet the criteria for sociopathy or even psychopathy. His interview with Tucker Carlson where he seemed to be extorting Tucker and kept bringing up Tucker’s wife (I’m not a fan of Tucker, but he has history of retaliating when people threaten his family) was very strange. Him going to Liz Cheney’s constituents after her vote for Trump impeachment incredibly foolish. In addition, he let people think he had an affair with a barely legal young man to cover up having been caught with an underaged girl. In short, he seems to be taking big, unnecessarily risks all the time.

    I don’t think psychopathy or sociopathy can be seen from a chart, at least without TOB. Still, his Sun/Moon and Venus/Mars oppositions do seem reckless.

  11. What a vile reprobate he is. How ironic that the extreme right-wingers who devour conspiracy theories believe it is the left who are up to their eyes in sex trafficking and abusing women and children. And yet, time and again, the evidence shows republicans (and their own priests and church whom they support) or more likely to be found guilty of it themselves. I guess this happens when you get your head twisted by their specific brand of evangelical Christianity that instills such a deeply questionable and hateful morality as well as promotes their belief in the superiority of the male species.

    Honestly, can you imagine him going around the house with nude photos on his phone and showing them around to the other guys? A ‘man’ of almost 40? It absolutely wreaks of someone who so desperately needs male sexual approval to enhance his perverse feelings of ‘masculine virility’ that he thinks he has. I seriously wish you could just flush useless excrement like this down the pan! Instead, in this world, we get the honor of being told what to do by ‘men’ like this. It’s sickening. And shame on all those men and women in Florida who just regard sickening stories like this as ‘fake’ just because it doesn’t sit with their agenda. I absolutely despair at culture today.

      • I definitely agree with you there, Roderick. Their hypocrisy is alarming. Years ago when I was in therapy due to my own dysfunctional upbringing, my therapist advised me to read Susan Forward’s, ‘Toxic Parents.’ It was horrifying but it did help me get some perspective. Susan stated when she wrote the book in 1989 that when it came to damaged children and sexual abuse there was a larger than average percentage of the victims that came from conservative, religious families and environments than any other background. Seen as she is American and American based, it’s clear she is talking about Evangelical Conservatives. This is decades before the MeToo movement too so helps validate the cause today.

        Qanon and its vast army of followers are dismissing the Matt Gaetz claims as fake news, obviously. I mean, you can’t be a pedophile or sex trafficker if you are Republican, right? This underpins and highlights for me that deep down they are not even disgusted by such behaviour. They just use these tactics to harm their opponents for them to gain ground and power. While doing God knows what to women and children in their own back yard, so to speak. Have you noticed how they never speak out about the pervert priests either? It’s always brushed under the carpet as they continue with their regular church outings as usual. My other fear/belief is, talk enough about pedophilia in the public arena and you begin to normalize it. Some of the stories I have come across in my time has made me wonder if it originates in the dark interiors of their own sexually perverted minds.

        • The cognitive dissonance which right wing Evangelicals have to perform in order to justify voting for these malignant Repugs, who are about as far away from the teachings of Christ as it’s possible to be, is just off the scale. Absolutely mind-blowing.

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