Martin Shkreli – hated with good reason


A tainted jury pool is causing problems at the start of the Federal securities fraud trial of Martin Shkreli, infamous for raising the cost of a life-saving drug by 5000%. Comments from potential jurors who were excused included: “the face of corporate greed”; “the most hated man in America”; ”a snake”.

He’s American born of Albanian parents, 1 April 1983, and appears to be his own worst enemy, calling members of Congress ‘imbeciles’ on twitter, who had objected to his price rise; and spraying Trumpian bile over others who had objected to his methods.

He’s a Sun Aries with Mercury and Mars also in Aries, so no surprises he’s impulsive and reckless; with his Mars in a ruthless opposition to Pluto and a can-be-cruel opposition to Saturn in obstinate Scorpio. His Sun is also trine a risk-taking, relies-on-luck trine to Uranus Jupiter. With druggy Neptune opposition the North Node in a wedge/sextile/trine to Saturn Pluto and the same to Mars. Looks a hard, unpleasant and quite unbalanced man.

His luck is running out with tr Uranus conjunct his Mars, opposition his Pluto and then Saturn in 2017/18; with more discouragement in 2019/2021 with his Solar Arc Saturn conjunct his Uranus Jupiter; a huge upheaval in 2023 and then (sadly) probably reinventing himself and getting a boost by 2025 from Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Jupiter.

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