Marissa Mayer twins – forces to be reckoned with

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, had twin girls on 10 December early morning presumably San Francisco. Thus they have roughly the same charts as Kim Kardashian’s latest (see below). In their case a Moon Saturn in Sagittarius squares Neptune so a fairly neurotic mother, cool or overly hard-working and rather inaccessible. Their Sagittarius Sun squares Jupiter in Virgo and trines Uranus – so definitely upbeat, enthusiastic and quirky. Plus that megaton Uranus opposition Mars square Pluto.

Marissa Mayer’s focal point Saturn in Cancer opposes their Pluto and squares their Mars Uranus – so her need to prove herself by excelling won’t sit too happily with them. Her Gemini Sun opposes their Moon Saturn so she may find they block her out.

Their relationship chart with her does have an affectionate composite Sun opposition Venus but that sextile/trines onto a composite Moon Mars conjunction – so some aggravation as well.

The twins’ relationship with their brother, 30 September 2012 11.59pm San Fran, looks very stressed with a composite Sun conjunct Saturn on one side and Mars on the other; with the composite Moon possibly square all three.

He’s a 4th house Sun Libra opposition Uranus square Pluto with an Aries Moon opposition Saturn; and a vengeful Mars in Scorpio. So he won’t have an easy personality. He’ll not only have to cope with a new cuckoo in his nest, but two of them.

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