Mario Rubio – nothing much doing

Florida Senator Mario Rubio was born 28 May 1971 and announced his bid 13 April 2015 at 6.13pm Miami.

He’s had a lack-lustre start to his campaign with tr Saturn criss crossing the conjunction to his Jupiter Neptune in Sagittarius and opposing his Gemini Sun. That’s now gone but there’s nothing much of any variety showing in his chart apart from Solar Arc Mercury square Pluto.

His bid chart always looked a touch limp with a Saturn opposition Venus square Neptune in the 6th – dreams and ideals but not much drive or realism. It also has a divisive Sun Uranus in the 7th with Uranus square a 4th house Pluto – so not universally popular. What’s worse is Pluto trine an 8th house Mars which looks hugely frustrated. Plus Mars is on the point of a Fixed T Square to Jupiter opposition Moon – maybe donor trouble.

There’s no birth time for him which could make a slight difference but I’d have expected to see additional good news elsewhere in his chart if he had a chance.

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